Flamenco Tablaos in Granada

The 7 Best Flamenco Tablaos In Granada

Granada is one of Andalucia’s best cities and considered to be a cradle for flamenco. From Sacramonte’s caves to lively tablaos near Plaza Nueva, there’s something for everyone! Here are the seven best flamenco tablaos in Granada where you’re sure to enjoy drool-worthy tapas and an unforgettable show.

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1. Le Chien Andalou

French for The Andalusian Dog, this cozy tablao is set in an old tavern and perfect for everyone! Le Chien Andalou is both affordable and centrally located right off the Darro River. After exploring the endless shops and bars along the river, catch an evening show at this charming tablao.

2. Venta El Gallo

Venta El Gallo offers stunning views of La Alhambra, the centrepiece of Granada. In addition to great dancing, they provide an authentic and unforgettable cave experience and have delicious Sangria! We recommend the night show when the performers come alive.

3. La Alborea

Just off of historic Plaza Nueva, you’ll find La Alborea. This tablao is perfect for enjoying a show after exploring the city! Despite being in the dead center of the city, it still has the same coziness you’d find in the caves of Sacramonte. To add to the coziness, a max seating of 60 people with no obstructed views guarantees a chilling and emotional performance every time!

4. Jardines de Zoraya

Jardines de Zoraya is in Albaicin and just two minutes walking from the best view in Granada, Mirador de San Nicolas. In addition to being one of the best flamenco joints in Granada, they also know their way around a kitchen! Jardines de Zoraya is a pro at combining the very best of flamenco with award-winning cuisine. If you manage to catch their dinner show, the strawberry gazpacho is a must!

5. Zambra Maria la Canastera

What makes Zambra Maria la Conastera so unique is its former resident. This tablao is the old cave home of Maria la Canastera, famed flamenco dancer and one of Granada’s most important women of the 20th century. You can find this meaningful and historic Zambra in Sacramonte.

6. Peña La Platería

This gorgeous white-washed tablao is in the middle of the historic Albaicin quarter and has tapas that are to die for. Thursdays are there only evenings for public shows and tend to run past midnight, so be sure to plan for a late night.

7. Cueva de la Rocio

Another authentic cave tablao, Cueva de la Rocio is run by the Maya family and offers jawdropping views of Generalife and Alhambra. They pride themselves on big Spanish dinners and being a full force Zambra Flamenca. Zambra is a style of flamenco specific to the Granada and Almerian provinces.

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