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Where To Go For The Best Nightlife In Barcelona

Heading to Barcelona? The city is a hub of art, culture, incredible food, great music, a beautiful coastline, and of course, a buzzing nightlife scene. While it might not be as varied as other European cities, it has a free-spirited Catalonian charm that you can’t find everywhere. Basically, you’re guaranteed a fun night out in Barcelona. From neon-lit superclubs to charming tapas bars, here are some of the best places to go for nightlife in Barcelona.

Best Nightlife in Barcelona

1. Barceloneta beach

If you want to party until the early hours, Barceloneta beach is the place to go. You’ll find a multitude of superclubs along the beachfront, with pounding music and neon lights. Be sure to dress appropriately, the bouncers are quite particular about dress codes. Embrace the cosmopolitan, upscale vibe and sip cocktails on the rooftop lounges of places like CDLC, Shoko, and Bestial.

Like most places in Barcelona, the clubs don’t really get going until at least 12am. But when midnight hits, you can expect them to be busy pretty much every night of the week! Some of the most popular places to go to dance the night away are Catwalk, which is a mix of R&B, house, and hip hop. Another hotspot is Pacha. While Catwalk has an international vibe, Pacha is slightly more local, playing mostly Spanish songs. They do mix it up though, there’s something different on every single night. And the crème de la crème of Barceloneta’s clubs is Opium. It’s gained popularity through hosting many international acts and for its fantastic location. When the clubs close, everyone pours out onto the beach. You’ll find many other locals that haven’t been to the clubs also on the beach, it becomes the place to be when night falls.

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2. El Gotico

El Gotico, or the Gothic Quarter, is one of the most touristy places in all of Barcelona. So, you might not expect it to have brilliant hidden gems – you just have to know where to look. The Gothic Quarter is a myriad of narrow, winding streets, look close enough and you’ll spot edgy bars in small corners.

Most of the people in the Gothic Quarter are tourists, so you can expect many bars that cater to that clientele. There’s a good selection of British and Irish pubs, including the popular Flaherty’s. Sometimes the cheesy classics are the most fun. And this place is pretty fun, hosting Beer Pong tournaments on Thursdays and Ladies Night on Fridays. If you want something a bit (okay, a lot) more traditional, head to Bar El Jardi – a beautiful outdoor bar located in the gardens of a medieval complex.

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3. L’Eixample

L’Eixample is huge, so there are bound to be excellent bars here and there. And there is. In fact, some of the best bars in Barcelona are in this mix between a residential and touristy area. For something unique, head to the Dow Jones Bar. It’s the one place where a stock market crash is a good thing. The bar has a screen simulating the stock market, with the prices of the drinks varying. Sometimes, the market crashes and one drink suddenly becomes really cheap. You’ll never see a group of people run so fast! Another popular spot in L’Eixample is Mojito Club. Playing reggaeton, salsa, bachata, and merengue tunes, this place is a big hit with locals and a great place to have a boogie.

L’Eixample is also home to the best gay bars in the city. You’ll find most of the spots in one area, so you won’t have to travel far. One of the most popular gay bars is Metro Disco, which pumps out classic commercial hits. The Moon is also a fun place to spend the night, with gogo dancers performing and a Caribbean vibe.

4. El Born

Despite being right next to the famous Gothic Quarter, El Born is a much less touristy area. However, it’s one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Barcelona, where you can find a cluster of classy bars. It’s slightly more sophisticated in this part of town, but that isn’t to say it’s not fun. One of the best places to go is Pitin Bar. Having originally opened as a restaurant, this place merged into a trendy, two-storeyed bar and hasn’t looked back. Another brilliant and devastatingly trendy bar is simply named, Bar El Born. It’s one of the best places to experience classic Barcelona – drinking sangria while occasionally nibbling on tapas in between telling anecdotes across the table.

best nightlife barcelona el born

5. El Raval

El Raval is the heart of Barcelona’s edgy scene. It’s teeming with hip bars and cocktail joints, as well as traditional tapas spots. The soul of El Raval is Rambla de Raval, where you’ll find a whole host of places from edgy bars to classy cocktail spots, like La Whiskeria Cocktail Bar. There are plenty of bars down here to find which one takes your fancy, or you can head to the ever-so-trendy Joaquim Costa Street. This narrow street is small, cool bars by the bucketload. A great place to go bar-hopping.

One of the most interesting bars in El Raval is Bar Marsella. Having opened in 1820, it has a certain nostalgic charm. It’s known as one of the oldest operating bars in Barcelona, having previously welcomed the likes of Picasso and Hemingway for a drink or two. Nowadays, it has a younger crowd, but has a fun and energetic vibe.

6. Mediterranean sea

Technically, most boats leave from Port Olimpic, but one of the best places to experience Barcelona nightlife is out in the Mediterranean sea. Boat trips primarily run through the summer months, but summer does last a long time in sunny Barcelona! There are various types of boat trips, ranging from champagne at sunset, to typical booze cruises that go on until 12am. Think DJs, barbecues, jumping in the sea, and lots of partying. And most boat runners will provide free entry to clubs on Barceloneta beach, so the fun doesn’t have to stop when you reach dry land.

7. Gràcia

Gràcia is famously Barcelona’s trendiest neighbourhood. Its beautiful streets, quirky art scene, and incredible dining scene are much loved by locals and tourists alike, and the same goes for its bustling nightlife. It’s not as booming as other parts of town, but it has a distinct Catalonian charm that sets it apart from the rest. You’ll find refined bars and many international restaurants here, sometimes they blend into one, such as La Vietnamita. A small, but very cool Vietnamese restaurant with relaxed tables and bar stools. L’Entresol is another popular bar, often hailed as one of the coolest bars in Gràcia. They have every kind of flavoured gin you could think of, with an incredibly sleek and beautiful interior design.

Placa del Sol is the area’s biggest square, lined with crammed bars. Sol Soer is a particular stand-out, serving up homemade tapas and great wine and beer selections. There are so many great bars in the area, but sometimes the best things to do are the simplest and most nostalgic. And something you’ll see a lot is botellon – essentially the activity of people coming together in public spaces to drink alcohol from the supermarket. Cheap and cheerful.

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