best day trips from Barcelona

7 Of The Best Day Trips From Barcelona

Barcelona, with its ancient barrios, Gaudi masterpieces and world-class food, is one of Europe’s best destinations. In this Catalan mecca, you can lounge on gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, explore world-famous museums and experience the legendary Sagrada Familia. However, if you’re looking for a city break or a quick way to see a different side of Spain, Barcelona is very well connected by train and bus. Here are the seven best day trips from Barcelona.

Best Day Trips From Barcelona

1. Girona

The charming Medieval city of Girona is just a 40-minute train ride from Barcelona. The city is home to a plethora of cultural discoveries such as its beautiful Gothic cathedral and hidden ancient streets. History buffs will love the city for its incredible Arab Baths and one of the best-preserved Jewish Quarters in Europe.

best day trips from Barcelona

2. Sitges

Hop on a train for 45 minutes, and you’ll land in one of Spains cutest beach destinations – Sitges. This quirky, artsy coastal town has a history dating back to the 4th century but is mainly famous for its Modernisme movement in the 19th century. Try to stay for a few drinks in the evening if you can; the city is home to some killer nightlife.

best day trips from Barcelona

3. Montblanc

Eighty-four kilometres outside Barcelona you’ll find Montblanc. The quaint medieval town is famous for its myths and legends surrounding its Bover Tower and St. Jordi Gates. It takes about two hours to get there by train, so be sure to leave early. Don’t leave without exploring the Gothic church of Santa Maria – its facade will leave you breathless.

best day trips from barcelona
Image: Asociacion Española De Amigos De Los Castillos/Facebook

4. Tarragona

An hour and a half by train from Barcelona, you’ll find Tarragona. If you are looking for incredible Roman ruins, this is your place. Home to some of the best-preserved Roman sites in the country, you’ll find impressive structures like the Tarragona Amphitheatre and the Circ Roma. In addition to its ancient Roman culture, you’ll find picturesque lookouts over the coast and no shortage of good food.

best day trips from barcelona
image: Mike Mcbey/Flickr

5. Cadaques

Cadaques is truly the jewel of Costa Brava. This sundrenched fishing village boasts an unbeatable charm with endless white shore houses and flowers galore. That’s not all though; the sleepy Mediterranean town is also known for its art by Salvador Dali. There are no trains from Barcelona, but you can take a bus in about 2 hours and forty-five minutes. Be sure to eat your fill of seafood and don’t forget to see the Casa-Museu Salvador Dali.

best day trips from barcelona

6. Andorra La Vella

Don’t let the train time dissuade you, even though it’s a 3-hour ride, Andorra La Vella is 100% worth a visit. This picturesque alpine heaven sits right between Spain and France in the micronation of Andorra. At Andorra La Vella you’ll find stunning scenery all year and loads of unique mountain foods to try. Be sure to start your voyage early so that you can spend the entire day exploring.

best day trips from barcelona

7. Montserrat

Few things wow like the natural wonder and beauty that surrounds Montserrat. This magical mountain is known for its stunning Monastary and more than a few mystical legends. At only an hour from Barcelona, it’d be a crime not to spend at least an afternoon here. Not the hiking type? Don’t worry; there’s a cable car with you in mind.

best day trips from barcelona

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