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7 Global Recipes To Master In Self Isolation

Are you stuck at home due to coronavirus quarantine or self-isolation? Now is the best time to finally put your baking skills to the test. Whether you’re looking to bring a little bit of Italy to your table or try your hand at an ancient Chinese remedy – this list has you covered. Make the best of your isolation with these global recipes.

Global Recipes To Master In Self Isolation

1. Tagliatelle – Italy

Italian dishes are famous for their robust flavours with sumptuous tomatoes, sharp cheeses and zesty herbs. Best part? Most of the recipes are incredibly simple and require few ingredients. To make your favourite pasta noodles, all you need is a few eggs, flour and olive oil. Start by making a flour nest for the eggs and then work the ingredients together.

No pasta maker? No problem. Traditional tagliatelle can be whipped up with some extra handwork and smart cutting. Once you get the kneading down, the rest is a cakewalk.

image: Bigger Bolder Baking

2. Tortillas – Mexico

This meso-American staple is part of everyone’s favourite food – tacos! The oldest tortillas date back more than 10,000 years and have changed very little in the meantime. Keep it traditional and use masa harina (corn flour) instead of regular flour. This ancient culinary staple requires only masa harina, water and a little bit of effort.

Pro tip: pass on the tortilla press and make your own with a plate and parchment paper

image: Mexican Please

3. Dumpling – China

From Italian ravioli, Polish pierogi and Georgian Khinkali, the humble dumpling has popped up in cultural cuisines around the globe. Its origins, however, lie in China where Zhang Zhongjian created it as a remedy. Get to work on this ancient Chinese classic by starting with just flour, water and then your choice of filling.
global recipes
image: Omnivores Cookbook

4. Naan – India

This oven-baked flatbread is the supped up cousin to pita. Grab some yeast, dough ingredients plus a whole lot of butter and yoghurt and knead to your heart’s content. What makes naan particularly good is the natural yoghurt that works together with the butter to add a subtle tanginess and tenderness.

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image: Rasa Malaysia

5. Baguette – France

Crispy outside, soft pillowy inside and undoubtedly French, you can’t pass up a chance to master a classic baguette. Don’t believe the lie that you need a bread machine, either! With a little bit of practice, you can make this bakery fave with just flour water, salt, yeast and a little bit of patience.

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image: King Arthur Flour

6. Borscht – Ukraine

There’s no better dish to be cooped up inside with than traditional Ukrainian borscht. This tangy, savoury Slavic soup is all about beets which give it a vibrant red colour. In addition to being tasty, borscht is also healthy and focuses on seasonal root veggies. Grab some beets, potatoes and carrots and then get started.
global recipes
image: Natashas Kitchen

7. Churros – Spain

There’s no better time than now to master this classic Spanish doughnut. All of the ingredients are pantry staples like butter, sugar, salt, flour egg and cinnamon. While Churros originated in Spain, they’ve since spread across Latin America along and the Philippines. First practice with a traditional Spanish method and then move on to the Mexican version. Don’t worry – they are equally delicious.
global recipes
image: Recipe Tin Eats
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