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This Is The No.1 Destination On Most People’s Bucket Lists

Surprise surprise, travel is on most people’s bucket list, according to a study from AARP.

Millennials are most likely to have a bucket list (74%), followed by Generation Xers (58%), and baby boomers (46%). We for one are all for spending hours looking up new places to visit, all over the world.

“Almost half of all Bucket List Trips are focused on the destination overall, versus a specific activity or attraction at the destination,” AARP found.

Baby boomers hope to get to more than 80% of their list in their lifetime, but consider it a success to check off 65%.  The study found that three of four (78.5%) people wanted to travel to exotic destinations, such as Hong Kong or Australia, or to backpack or cycle around Europe.

As for where exactly they want to visit before they die?

The study found that Hawaii is the most popular destination on most people’s bucket lists…

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Who could disagree with this? Hawaii is a beautiful place that has warm weather year round, fresh seafood (poke!) and magical scenery.

It’s easy to see why Hawaii has become synonymous with the idea of tropical paradise. Drive one of the world’s most scenic roads, go surfing on all the amazing beaches and hike to your heart’s content.

We’ll be moving Hawaii straight to the top of our bucket list. Who wouldn’t?

Sarah Clayton-Lea

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