7 Ways To Help Small Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With the coronavirus continuing to sweep across the world, many economies are taking a nosedive. Small businesses are going under, people are working without pay, layoffs are a daily occurrence; the list goes on. Depending on where you are located, though, you may have a chance to help support the local businesses in your area. Here are seven things you can do to help small businesses during the Coronavirus.

7 Ways To Help Small Businesses During The Coronavirus

1. Order Takeout

If your favourite local business is a restaurant, order takeout. It not only keeps you indoors but also limits the chain of contact from start to finish. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many independent and small chain restaurants have opted for delivery platforms such as UberEats to stay open. If you are self-isolating, pay with card and ask the deliverer to leave the food at the door.

2. Buy Gift Cards

Buying a few gift cards for later use is a great way to help your favourite theatre, clothing boutique or restaurant keep their doors open. It’s a win-win since it puts money into the business immediately and gives you a treat for later.

3. Say Thank You

It may seem like a no-brainer, but these two magic words can go a long way in times likes these. When you are checking out at your local grocer, say thank you – and mean it. While it is easy to get caught up in the panic at the store and focus only on what you and your family need, it wouldn’t be possible without the employees. These employees are more often than not working overtime to restock the constant shortages that are being seen across the grocery industry and could use some kind words.

4. Tip A Little More

Tipping just a tad more than usual is a generous and thoughtful way to show a local business you appreciate them. Does it directly contribute to the restaurant? Well, no. But it does aid in attitude and renews faith in good samaritans. Even if it’s just a few bucks, you can make a difference.

coronavirus small business support

5. Shop Local

Depending on where you are, shopping at a local market can make a huge difference. There’s no doubt that local farmers are feeling the heat surrounding this virus – if people were hardly shopping local before, they are doing it even less now. If your area has a local farmer or group of farmers at a market, we recommend stocking up on produce and protein to freeze for later. It helps them, is healthy for you and stimulates your local economy.

coronavirus small business support

6. Shop Online

Much like so many in the restaurant business, a lot of boutiques and miscellaneous stores are moving online to help customers that need to stay home. Have a favourite book store? See if they went digital. Love the small clothing shop down the street? Ask if they accept PayPal and would consider delivery.

coronavirus small business support

7. Encourage Others To Do The Same

This pandemic has caused people’s minds to be all over the place. Your neighbour may have no idea that the little diner downtown went on UberEats or that the farmer from the next town over will do special deliveries. By encouraging others to help support local businesses, you are raising their chances of staying open and educating others in the process. Wanna get the word out fast without leaving the house? Make a Facebook post about how others in your area can help.

coronavirus small business support

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