Hotel Of The Day: Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

Today’s Hotel of the Day has one of the most scenic views you’ll ever find in Oz, with a laid-back luxury vibe.

Southern Ocean Lodge is Australia’s first true luxury lodge, perched on top of a rugged cliff. Suites have lavish king beds, dramatic glass walled bathrooms and breathtaking views of the great Southern Ocean.

Where exactly is Southern Ocean Lodge?

You’ll find this beautiful lodge on Kangaroo Island, which is Australia’s answer to the Galapagos. Kangaroo Island is teeming with native wildlife and guests encounter sea lions, fur seals, kangaroos and koalas up close.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Breathtaking views in Southern Ocean Lodge

What’s so special about this hotel?

The lodge has an ‘at-home’ feeling, with an open bar and walk-in cellar featuring an exclusively South Australian wine selection. Basically, it’s the type of hotel you’ll never want to leave.

First luxury lodge in Australia

Floor-to-ceiling windows look out at the Southern Ocean waves crashing below. Guests are given a personalised itinerary for their stay, so you can make the most of the Kangaroo Island experience. After you’ve spent the day hiking or kayaking the island, you’ll have canapes and drinks before a dinner of incredible local produce.

Dramatic glass walled bathrooms in Southern Ocean Lodge

How much does it cost to stay here?

Rooms start from $1,500 and include all dining, open bar with premium wines and spirits in-suite bar, signature experiences and island airport transfers.

Southern Ocean Lodge

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