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Designer Destinations: 7 Hotels With Incredible Architecture

Start daydreaming about spending a night or two in one of these incredible hotels that are an architecture lover’s dream! The hotels are vying for a prestigious prize at the annual Dezeen Awards. Organised by Dezeen, an influential architecture and design website, Dezeen Awards is the “benchmark for international design excellence and the ultimate accolade for architects and designers everywhere.”

These are just some of the amazing hotels on this year’s longlist. From floating river rooms in China to a Greek hotel suite that’s built into the rocks, you will be blown away by these beautiful places to stay…

These design hotels have amazing architecture and interiors

1. Boat Rooms – Fuchun River, China

Boat Rooms is a riverside retreat that lies on the bank of Fuchun River in Jiande city, China.

The concept and shape of the boat rooms take its root in a local social custom. The boat room is designed with a timber structure, for the purpose of satisfying the onsite conditions. The boat-rooms have the traditional awning boat design of the same origin.

2. Saint Hotel – Santorini, Greece

Greek studio Kapsimalis Architects has designed a hotel with rooms in caves on the island of Santorini. The hotel is on the edge of the traditional village of Oia at the top of the Caldera volcanic rocks.

The plot has a steep ground slope, southwest orientation and clear views to the sea and the volcano. It’s simple, yet spectacular.

3. Apfelhotel – South Tyrol, Austria

Apfelhotel evokes the vintage charm of the historical hotel in South Tyrol, while creating an oasis for the senses. It’s a must-visit.

18 new suites were built for guests and carefully designed to fit into the farmyard’s landscape structure, while complementing the rural surroundings. There’s also a beautiful wellness area with architecture and greenery that resemble a modern lush garden. You won’t want to leave…

4. Shishi-iwa House – Karuizawa, Japan

This is a 10-room boutique hotel in Japan that includes a library, a 250-tree garden and a shared social space. The forest haven hotel aims to stimulate, inspire and gently nudge people together. Just one hour by bullet train from Tokyo, Karuizawa is the perfect weekend escape.

5. The Tiing – Bali, Indonesia

The Tiing is a 14-room boutique hotel on the northern coast of Bali, by Australian architect Nic Brunsdon.

Due to its remote location, the design deliberately leans on traditional materials and construction technique. Concrete and bamboo are abundant, so the studio worked with these materials throughout. It’s the perfect place to unwind.

hotels architecture

6. Chicland Hotel – Danang, Vietnam

This unique hotel features concrete balconies covered with tropical plants.

Located in the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang in the centre of Vietnam, the hotel has 153 rooms on 21 floors covered by three vertical green facades, forming a small forest. The resort has been built to accommodate guests to feel the light from the sun and the wind and the fresh air of the sea.

A green hotel stands out and is different from the surrounding buildings and friendly to nature. Thanks to the greenery facade, all rooms have a nice view and create a microclimate for the building.

hotels architecture

7. Anji Erlu Resort – Huzhou, China

Anji Erlu Resort is a quiet countryside retreat in Huzhou city, where mountains are covered by trees, grass, shrubs and bamboo. If you want to get away from it all, this is the place to go.

With its entrance lower than the ground, the bottom floor of the building has an entrance disguised as a cave and contains three grey segments and two glass sections. The exterior on the upper floor have a different style of mild luxury.

Want to see more amazing hotels? You can check out the full longlist here.

Keep an eye out on Dezeen for this year’s winners!

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