The New Zealand accent

How To Speak Like A Kiwi: The Sexiest Accent In The World

Incase you’ve been living in an internet-proof cave, the New Zealand accent is officially the sexiest accent in the world. Take that, Australia. 

Naturally, the news led to a flurry of TV hosts all over the world desperately trying to imitate this super sexy New Zealand accent. Some did okay. Some… did not.

While some people tend to confuse it with an Australian accent, Kiwi English is a mix of Māori, British English, American English and Australian English.

So to help you out, we’ve put together this handy guide to mastering a New Zealand accent:

Is NZ Home To The Sexiest Accent?

NZ has been dubbed the sexiest accent in the world. We've got Kiwi comedian Guy Montgomery LIVE on air to prove…or disprove it…You decide!

Posted by The Project on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Basically, the ‘i’ becomes a ‘u’ (ie. fish and chips becomes fush n chups) and the ‘e’ becomes an ‘i’ (ie. pens become pins). Add ‘eh’ at the end of every sentence and you’re halfway there.

Say these following phrases and you’ll fit right in with those sexy Kiwis…

Sweet as, bro!

This basically just means amazing, and you’ll hear it all the time.


Not just tired, but really tired.


Flip-flops. Japanese sandals = jandals.

Bugger all

Very little eg. “This beer cost bugger all”.

She’ll be right

This just means everything will be fine. They’re not even talking about a ‘she’ in particular.

Then, you just shorten absolutely every word you can think of – afternoon = arvo, relatives = rellies, and you’ll be sorted in New Zild.

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