Social Distancing? Instagram Video Shows Maskless Crowds In Santorini

You might think that tourist hotspots might be a little less crowded this year. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in Santorini. The Greek island is always popular with travellers, and it looks like nothing has changed in an Instagram video in Santorini shared by influencer Katie Gorgadze.

While Greece is promoting itself as a safe and responsible destination to visit, the footage of a huge crowd at Oia – not wearing any masks – is going viral. Numerous people are standing at the famous viewpoint, with no social distancing in sight.

A Video of Maskless Crowds in Santorini is Going Viral

As of 27th August, Greece has an average of just over 200 new COVID-19 cases daily, with recent reports predicting that the country will soon be added to the United Kingdom’s ‘Red List’. This would require all travellers returning from Greece to quarantine due to a high virus risk.

Yet this hasn’t put off holidayers who are seemingly flocking to Greek islands to soak up some sun. Despite lower levels of visitors than usual, the scenes shown by Katie on Instagram suggest that social distancing isn’t a priority.

Oia is a famous sunset viewing spot in Santorini…

Katie told Insider, “I must say, I was very shocked by the number of people at the location. If it wasn’t busy for locals, I can hardly imagine how busy it was in previous years…Not a lot of travelers were wearing masks.”

Images: Katie Gorgadze

Would you feel safe holidaying here?

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