International Hot Dogs

7 International Hot Dogs You Have To Try

Street food varies all over the world, with the ‘same’ dish tasting and looking completely different from city to city; these international hot dogs show how something so simple and delicious varies so much across the world. A simple sausage in a bread roll is elevated to new highs by locals putting their own slant on the all-time classic!

With most people struggling to travel at the moment, we wanted to share some recipes that will allow you to make your own hot dogs at home. A little taste of an international cuisine without leaving your own kitchen. Some of the world’s best food bloggers have created these absolute masterpieces.

Time to grab some nice fresh produce and start cooking up these creative international hot dogs

The Best International Hot Dogs

1. The German-Style Hotdog

This recipe is all about finding the right type of sausage (bockwurst) and getting some high quality sauerkraut. It is as if the ingredients were a match made in heaven.

Recipe created by What Dad Cooked

2. Mexican Hot Dog

Smothered with vegetables, pico de Gallo, and lots of condiments. Put the hot dogs in a bolillo and you have an amazing Sonoran hot dog. Combining the best of America and Mexico!

Recipe created by Mireille.

3. American Chili Dog

America has so many types of hot dogs, but the chili dog loaded with cheese has to be one of the best ever. Once you taste this you won’t want any other type of dog ever again.

Recipe created by Tanya.

International Hot Dogs

4. Danish Hot Dog

Hot dogs are the street food of choice in Copenhagen. They are served with a variety of condiments, but this particular combination is a true classic: a creamy curried remoulade sauce, fresh pickled cucumbers and crispy fried onions.

Recipe created by Kristi.

International Hot Dogs

5. Vietnam Bahn Mi Brats

Bahn Mi sandwiches are by far one of the best in the world and can be extended to include a hot dog variation with sausage inside. Not traditional, but delicious. You really have to taste these to believe just how good they are.

Recipe created by Aimee.

6. Korean Hot Dog

Typically served with kimchi and other spices, this is a wonderfully tangy way of eating a hot dog that is gaining popularity across the world.

Recipe created by Trissa.

7. Asian Hot Dogs

This isn’t one but rather two recipes combining some of the best flavours Asia has to offer with a classic hot dog. The Japanese version is especially tasty.

Recipe created by Becca. 

You’d have to say the USA is the most famous for this dish so we rounded up The 50 Best Hot Dogs In America.

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