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Italy is the World’s Most Popular Destination for Post-Lockdown Holiday

For most of 2020, travel restrictions have stopped us from jetting off across the world on holiday. But as travel restrictions ease, which destinations are coming out on top for post-lockdown holidays? has revealed the most popular destination in the world for travel after lockdown: Italy.

Using Google Keyword Planner, they analysed the countries that people are looking to travel to for a post-lockdown holiday. They used terms including “Flights to X” and “Holidays in X”. Despite being one of the epicentres of the pandemic in Europe earlier in the year, Italy is revealed as a hot destination we are searching for the most when it comes to our next trip abroad, with over 1.9m (1,939,440) average annual global searches.

These are the destinations that are going to see the most demand from international tourists in 2021… It might be some time before these travel dreams become reality, but all of these places are worth the wait. Be patient, and stay safe.

Italy is the World’s Most Popular Destination for Post-Lockdown Holiday

1. Italy

Global annual search volume: 1,939,440

Florence, Italy

2. Maldives

Global annual search volume: 1,798,680

things to know Maldives

3. Mexico

Global annual search volume: 1,722,360

4. Thailand

Global annual search volume: 1,654,320

Island Hopping In Thailand

5. Spain

Global annual search volume: 1,525,560

most popular destination

6. Canada

Global annual search volume: 1,509,480

most popular destination

7. Greece

Global annual search volume: 1,468,440

most popular destination

You can see more popular places to visit after lockdowns in our list. 

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