The Taco Bell Pop-Up Hotel

Let’s Taco Bout the Taco Bell Pop-Up Hotel

Taco Bell fiends, may we have your attention. Lick the Fire sauce from your fingers, pause mid-burrito-nosh, and imagine how much better that taco digestion might be within the walls of a luxury hotel. Namely, a Taco Bell pop-up hotel — which, until recently, wasn’t even a part of our wildest dreams. Now, it’s reality. 

A Luxury Taco Bell Pop-Up Hotel Experience

Taco Bell opens its brand new hotel in the converted V Palm Springs Hotel in California on August 8, 2019. The Bell Hotel & Resort features 70 Taco Bell-themed hotel rooms (think: Hot Sauce pillows, wacky Taco Bell art on the walls), brand-spankin’-new menu options (and a full Taco Bell breakfast), live performances, and a fun little Taco Bell gift shop.

taco bell pop-up hotel

During the day, Taco Bell-lubbers get to float around in the pool upon floaties shaped like hot sauce packets. Alternately, they can chill out in the Baja Blast Freeze Lounge. Eating is, of course, an essential portion of the Taco Bell pop-up hotel — as is boozing. 

And apparently, the Taco Bell pop-up hotel sold out all its rooms in just two minutes. Super Taco Bell fans took the bait, as Taco Bell knew they would, latching onto rooms that ranged from $169 to $299 per night. It’s a fast food dream come true.

According to the mighty Tex-Mex powerhouse itself, Taco Bell’s first pop-up hotel won’t be its last. Taco Bell has also invested in a brand-new concept restaurant called “The Cantina,” which is trendier in decor and — brace yourself — offers alcohol.

As long as Taco Bell speaks the language of millennial stoners, they’ll surely shuck out cash for Taco Bell experiences galore. Taco Bell declares that this first hotel won’t be its last. Save up your cash, dollar-menu-lovers. The taco experience of a lifetime awaits. 

Allison Krupp

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