Little Rock BBQ Ribs

The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Little Rock

Melt in your mouth and seasoned and cooked to a level of perfection you could rarely (if ever) achieve yourself. These are the attributes of the best ribs you’ll find in Little Rock (or should that be Large Rack?).

It’s all about the tenderness of the meat and the succulent flavours of the sauces, isn’t it? You’ll find these and much more at the top places to eat the best ribs in Little Rock – read our list and schedule in your next pitstop!

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1. Corky’s Ribs & BBQ

Craving authentic, Memphis-style BBQ in Arkansas? You’ll find it at Corky’s Ribs & BBQ.  Specifically, they specialise in hickory-smoked ribs and a secret sauce that’ll have you drooling long before you ever sink your teeth into the first rib. According to Corky’s, it’s the “secret sauces, old Southern recipes and Beale Street blues” that create the unique flavour of their irresistible ribs.

Best Ribs in Little Rock

2. Whole Hog Cafe

Head on over to Whole Hog Cafe to indulge in tender beef brisket, their signature sausage, and pulled pork. After you’re done sampling their fine food, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the absolute delicacy that is their ribs. They’re award-winning, which is a good indication of just how delicious they are. They’re dry rubbed and then smoked to perfection, always just the right amount of juicy and saucy.

Little Rock BBQ Ribs

3. Lindsey’s Hospitality House

In typical Southern fashion, Lindsey’s Hospitality House serves up, well, lots of Southern hospitality on top of their tasty BBQ dishes. There’s no denying that they’ve got some of the best ribs in Little Rock, amongst many other things. They’ve been slingin’ smoked meats since 1956, giving them plenty of time to perfect their recipe.

4. Sims Bar-B-Que

You don’t have to look far to find a local who says Sims Bar-B-Que is home to some of the best ribs in Little Rock, if not the entire state of Arkansas. And, it’s all about the sauce. It’s not too sweet yet not too spicy, offering up eager eaters the chance to truly dive into a rib-filled plate and get their hands and face as messy as possible. It’s okay, though, you’ll love licking your fingers clean after this meal.

5. H B’s Bar B.Q.

As a traveller, it can sometimes be hard to find spots offering a really authentic experience complete with quality attention and down-to-earth vibes. H B’s Bar B.Q. is one such spot, and they serve ribs on Tuesdays, so you can plan a special trip here just for the occasion. The cash-only spot fills up fast, so be sure to get here early in order to snag a tasty rack of ribs.

Best Ribs in Little Rock Arkansas

6. Shorty Small’s 

It’s hard to write any roundup of the best BBQ in Arkansas without mentioning Shorty Small’s. And, while everything here is mouthwatering, their tender, juicy ribs will have you drooling a bit extra. In fact, they’re so tender and delicious that they’ve registered the term “Jumpin’-Off-The-Bone Tender Ribs.” Get them smothered in sauce. Indulge in a few Southern sides while you’re at it.

7. Platnum BBQ

You didn’t think we’d forget about one of the absolute best of the best, did you? Not a chance. Platnum BBQ is a quality Little Rock BBQ spot serving up some of the tastiest ribs in the state. They serve half racks and whole racks, and even breakfast for those looking for authentic Southern breakfast food. Guests love the short ribs, which are always consistently bursting with flavour.

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