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The 25 Best Kebabs In London

In a city with so many passionate foodie entrepreneurs and different cultures, it’s no surprise that London kebabs are among the best in the world.

You could even go as far as saying that alongside the Sunday roast or the classic chipper, the kebab is practically a national food in England. From Turkish and Greek versions, to Persian and Indian, there is something for everybody on the list here.

You’ll find kebabs you can get on the way home from the pub after a night of drinking. You’ll also find super-high end restaurants reimagining the humble snack and using the best of ingredients.

When it comes to London kebabs, you are going to be seriously spoilt for choice. We know that this list will split opinion, because everybody has their own personal favourite. So, do let us know yours in the comments!

The Best Kebabs in LondonHow do these rankings work?

25th. Tarshish Mediterranean Grill – Hornsey

The room is spread over two floors and is seriously impressive from the second you walk in the door. The aromas filling the air along with the buzzing atmosphere lets you know you are in for a great meal.

The menu is extensive but the chicken shish or the mixed shish are the way to go. Sublimely cooked succulent meat with perfect sauces and classic sides.

24th. Cyprus Mangal – Longmoore Gardens

This is a Turkish Meze bar and restaurant located in the heart of Pimlico, that has been wowing locals with their kebabs since back in 2005.

The meat will catch your attention through the large windows as it spins, or is roasting over open charcoals. They keep things simple here by relying on superb produce, and the result is spectacular.

23rd. Gökyüzü – Walthamstow

They use a traditional charcoal grill to produce juicy kebabs and authentic barbecued meat dishes. Delicately flavoured and marinated choice cuts of meat are cooked to order; the portions are absolutely massive so do make sure you come with an appetite.

They also have some really great veggie options, so it is the perfect place to bring a group of friends with all sorts of dining tastes.

22nd. Ali’s Berlin Doner – Ealing

If there is another city in Europe that is as famous for kebabs as London it is the German capital of Berlin. They are very similar but still have small subtle differences in style.

You can have your meat either in their fresh bread rolls or loaded on chips. What really brings the whole thing alive are their wonderful spicy homemade sauces.

21st. Hala – Harringay

This family business first opened in 2002 – judging by how many happy regulars they have they are doing something seriously right.

Their peri peri chicken shish is a seriously good dish, as are their large sharing platters which come with a variety of meats and kebabs. The perfect meal to have with a large group of friends before a night out.

20th. Lahore Kebab House – Whitechapel

Over the years Lahore Kebab House has grown from a small diner into a local institution. Whatever time of the day you come here, you’ll look in and see a sea of happy faces lapping up their wonderful food.

The kebabs come with dry rubs and their own house sauces, which are the absolute perfect match for their homemade naan breads.

19th. Cirrik – Dalston

The centrepiece of the restaurant is a huge charcoal grill where the meats are cooked with the smoke sucked up through a massive extractor. It’s a real talking point as you sit down and start drooling in anticipation.

The kebabs are classic in style and best enjoyed with their house breads. Dining out should be enjoyable and coming here is like pure theatre. You’ll instantly fall in love with the place.

18th. The Best Turkish Kebab – Stoke Newington

You’ll find lots of “best” kebab shops in London, but this one truly merits the title and is regularly winning awards for their meals. We can see why – they’re great.

The kebabs are cooked over open charcoal grills which gives the meat a superb smokey and intense flavour. Add in super fresh toppings and excellent homemade brea, and there can be no doubt why they have the word ‘best’ in their name.

17th. What The Pitta – Shoreditch

You’ll find What The Pitta in Shoreditch’s funky Box Park, along with lots of other great innovative food vendors. Their wraps are perfectly formed, so you can grab them to go and wander around thisexciting part of London.

They are best known for a vegan kebab which is so good that you would have no idea there is no meat in it whatsoever. The good news is you can now get them in their new location in Camden as well. There is often a huge line out the door, but it’s worth waiting for.

16th. Testi – Clapton

Testi is a higher-end Turkish dining experience where your kebab really is of the very best quality imaginable. The family business has been going from strength to strength from 2000 and has a super loyal band of customers.

Their mixed shish is a good place to start, with great marinades, super juicy meat and a wonderful tangy and smokey flavour.

15th. The Kati Roll Company – Soho

The Kati Roll Company have taken New York by storm with several outlets there, and are now wowing their customers in London as well.

They marinate and grill all of their fillings in-house, with a blend of up to 30 hand-ground spices and flavours. All their meats are certified halal and the chicken is antibiotic and hormone free. They are also a great option for veggies, with some terrific original wraps and dishes without meat.

14th. Oklava – Hackney

They take the simple concept of a kebab and raise the standard to a whole new level. Their focus on high quality ingredients and high-end cooking techniques means this might just be the best kebab you ever taste.

And example dish (seen below) is their lamb döner. It features leg, lamb fat, a good dollop of nice, thick yoghurt, and the zingy warmth of tomato chilli sauce.  Life doesn’t get much better than eating here.

13th. Antepliler – Green Lanes

The chefs work in an open kitchen where you can see your meat being prepared, either shaved or cooked fresh as you wait.

The toppings are classical with many opting to go with a combo platter featuring chips and rice. Add in some super friendly and knowledgable staff and this is not a place you will forget in a hurry. Easily some of the best kebabs in London.

12th. Suvlaki – Shoreditch

Suvlaki, a mouth-watering meat skewer eaten on its own or in a delicious pita wrap, has become Greece’s national street food ever since, in the 1950s, suvlaki shops took the country by storm.

Londoners can now enjoy this amazing meal in both Soho and Shoreditch. The perfect tonic to the boring lunch sandwich and an ideal snack to grab on the go. What really sets them apart is the originality of their fillings and their great sauces.

11th. Berenjak – Soho

This is a truly magical dining experience from the second you walk through the door. As you duck through a reimagined, typical Persian shopfront you are greeted by an open kitchen, giving a full view of their chefs manning the flaming tanoor.

There is also a mangal barbecue, and vertical rotisserie – all the traditional tools of the Persian chef. Needless to say ,the chefs manning these tools are masters of their trade and work with some of the fresh ingredients possible. An absolute delight of a restaurant.

10th. Yalla Yalla – Green’s Court

This brilliant Lebanese cooking can be found at their venues in both Green’s Court or Winsley Street. It is super inventive and everything they serve is an explosion of both colour and flavour.

Their little plates of tempting mezze are a great way to kick off the meal with many vegan and vegetarian options available.

The real magic happens on the grill though, where they cook up super succulent meat that is then matched with brilliant toppings. London kebabs just don’t get much more exciting than this.

London Kebabs

9th. Yamas Greek Cuisine – Camden High Street

This is Greek cooking at its most authentic, without many of the gimmicks many restaurants try to employ. A simple focus on great ingredients and the very best of service, all while keeping things simple.

One of their large meat platters with chips and their flatbreads is the way to go but they are massively filling, so you will need to work up an appetite.

London Kebabs

8th. Dionysus – High Street

Dionysus has a long history and has been serving customers since it was established in 1969. The original kebab shop launched on Tottenham Court Road and then moved to Oxford Street, where it served many happy customers for its remaining years in the West End.

Dionysus has now moved to North London where it sits proudly in Southgate.

They keep things classic in style, with pulled meat shredded into pita breads and loaded with sauces and toppings of your choice. The perfect meal to eat on the go and leave you feeling totally satisfied.

Turkish London Kebabs

7th. Fez Mangal – Notting Hill

This spectacular setting is a new oasis of sumptuous Turkish cuisine in the heart of Ladbroke Grove. The second you walk in the door and smell the meat cooking on the open charcoals and see people with huge plates in front of them, you know you are in for a serious treat.

The meat is always cooked to perfection and goes perfectly with rice, chips or their home made flat breads.

London Kebabs

6th. Berber & Q – Shawarma Bar – Farringdon

This is a business that has one of the most remarkable stories behind it. The founders quit their jobs and bought a camper van, removed one of the wheels and turned it into rotating kebab spit, and set out in pursuit of the perfect shawarma.

Now with a permanent home, they serve up some of the most colourful, exciting, inventive and original kebabs you could wish for. These include special guest appearances by chefs creating their own unique pita breads.

A look through their social media profiles is enough to make you run out of the house and straight down to grab one of their amazing kebabs.

The very vest London Kebabs

5th. GReat – Farringdon

You’ll know you are in for a serious kebab eating experience as soon as you look in the window and see the fresh meat spinning and roasting in front of your eyes. It isn’t uncommon to see people standing here drooling.

Fresh produce is sourced wherever possible from local markets and stores. Everything else, including meat, pita bread, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and herbs, is imported directly from Greece. They are best known for souvlaki and gyros.

London Kebabs

4th. Cappadocia – Kingston upon Thames

The owner and many of their staff are Turkish and they have proudly drawn on their heritage to create a little corner of Turkey in the UK.

The place huge emphasis on sourcing the very best of ingredients, and the grilled meats are to die for. Add in some lovely house cocktails and this is the perfect place to start a night out with friends. London kebabs can’t get much better than these.

London Kebabs

3rd. E. Mono – Kentish Town

A simple Turkish joint serving kebabs and shawarma wraps, falafels and kofte, doing so with integrity and top-end, quality produce. The meats are perfectly grilled and tender, and the bread is soft and fluffy.

The shawarma is highly recommended and comes with chips and salad, always with a side of flat bread, or if you prefer, you can have it all wrapped up to go.

London Kebabs

2nd. Le Bab – Carnaby Street

Le Bab’s aim is to inject technique honed in Michelin starred kitchens into traditional Middle Eastern & South Asian cookery. The end result? Some of the best kebabs not just in the country, but in the world.

All their cooking is done on a wood and charcoal-fired robata, and as an added bonus they have a great selection fo craft beers. By far one of the best experiences when it comes to London kebabs.

London Kebabs

1st. Mangal 1 – Hackney Downs

Mangal is a true open charcoal grill restaurant (ocakbasi) and is loved by foodies and chefs themselves all across London.

They’ve been going strong since 1991 and the key to their success is all about sourcing the very best meat and raw produce. Service comes with a smile; you can be sure you will be leaving here one very happy camper. One bite and you’ll soon agree this is the best kebab you’ll find in the city.

London Kebabs

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