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Maldives Resort Seeks ‘Barefoot Bookseller’ for Its Island Bookshop

Think the dream job doesn’t really exist? Think again. A luxury resort in the Maldives is hiring a ‘Barefoot Bookseller’ for its beautiful island bookshop. Turns out that the job description is exactly as it sounds: selling books, barefoot. In paradise. Basically it’s the ultimate vacancy for a desert island bibliophile.

Soneva Fushi Resort is Seeking a ‘Barefoot Bookseller’ for Its Island Bookshop

For the project’s first year in 2018, the resort received hundreds of applications from all corners world. They finally chose two lucky candidates to leave their lives behind for three months and help run the desert island bookshop. 

Another lucky book-lover took over for 2019, and now Soneva Fushi is yet again searching for someone to take over the role. As well as being the island’s bookseller, the applicant will need to have “a lively tone of voice to write an entertaining blog that captures the exhilarating life of a desert island bookseller, and the skills to host workshops and other guest experiences.”

Posting the job on Instagram, the announcement says:

“Do you have proven experience in publishing or bookselling? Fancy getting away from it all to sell books on a desert island in the Maldives? Are you passionate about reading, an excellent communicator and love writing?

“If this sounds like you then you’d be perfect for our Barefoot Bookseller 2020.”

You can apply online, with applications ending September 30th and the role starting in mid-October.

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