7 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is world famous for its delicious Mediterranean fares, ancient ruins and vibrant culture. But did you know it is also home to some of the Mediterranean’s most picturesque beaches? We’re talkin’ a million shades of turquoise, honey-hue sands and gorgeous cliff strewn shores galore. Whether you’re more of a sunbather or water sports enthusiast, this list has you in mind. Here are our picks for Turkey’s most beautiful beaches.

7 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Turkey

1. Blue Lagoon – Ölüdeniz

Where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean meet, you’ll find one of Turkey’s most spectacular beaches, the Blue Lagoon. Nestled in a nature reserve across Turkey’s southern coast, it’s one of the most photographed and sought after beach destinations in the country. Its powdery white sand bar and verdant pine forests that frame the blue waters of every shade are simply irresistible.

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2. Icmeler Beach – Marmaris

Famous for its shimmering azure waters and honey-golden sand beaches, Icmeler Beach is simply breathtaking. Located in the resort town of the same name in southwestern Turkey, it got its start as a humble fishing village and has since evolved into one of Turkey’s most sought after R&R spots. Thanks to its resort atmosphere, there’re tons of bars, restaurants and outdoor activities for when you aren’t lounging in your own oasis on the beach.

3. Patara Beach – Gelemis

Named after the nearby ancient city of Patara, Patara Beach is a prime destination for history buffs and leisure enthusiasts alike. The pristine Mediterranean shores are full of remains of old temples, ancient streets and crumbling arches that make for a truly unique experience. In addition to the area’s rich history and gorgeous beaches, there are loads of natural wildlife such as turtles and a large variety of birds. What’s more, Patara Beach is also the longest in all of Turkey and has had minimal development to retain its natural beauty.

4. Kabak Beach – Fethiye

Just 20 or so kilometres from Ölüdeniz, you’ll find the ever quirky and bohemian town of Kabak famous for its stunning natural beauty, yoga retreats and slice-of-paradise atmosphere. The real highlight of Kabak, however, is the breathtaking half moon bay that creates Kabak Beach. Towering high above the turquoise waters are hills blanketed in thick woods and a mix of white sand and pebbles. Best part? This beautiful beach can only be reached with about 30 minutes on foot, making it truly in a world of its own.

5. Kaputas Beach – Kas

This small beach sandwiched between the charming coastal towns of Kas and Kalkan provides the ultimate oasis. Surrounding by sky high cliffs and breathtaking gorgeous, the surrounding landscape competes with the turquoise waters for most beautiful. And despite its obvious instagrammability, it has yet to be overrun by tourists and remains one of Turkey’s best hidden gems.

6. Cleopatra Beach – Alanya

Doubling as one of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches and more sought after holiday destinations is Alanya’s Cleopatra Beach. Named after the Cleopatra who is said to have fallen in love with the bay on a tour of the Mediterranean, you can rest assured it’s as beautiful as it sounds. Whether you’re up for water sports, sunbathing or walking the area, Cleopatra Beach has you covered on all fronts. Even better? It’s just a stones throw from Alanya’s iconic medieval fortress in the city centre.

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7. Iztuzu Beach – Dalyan

Sandwiched between the River Delta’s freshwaters and the salty Mediterranean, Iztuzu Beach is in a league of its own. Famous for it’s forested surrounds and radiant golden sands, the landscape is simply breathtaking. The shimmering blue waters are perfect for listing to the waves come in; or how about indulging in some swimming and even surfing? It’s ideal for every type of beach bum. Be sure to carve out some time to walk the area as it’s one of the most untouched places in Turkey.

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