The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Sacramento

When travelling in the United States you’ll likely find that the country’s most romantic restaurants range from the elegant and upscale all the way to the more quiet, quaint, and intimate.

And, as the capital city of one of the largest states in the country, Sacramento certainly has a lot to offer any kind of traveller looking to enjoy a romantic evening with the one they love. The city first attracted settlers looking to strike it rich during the infamous Gold Rush. 

Now, it’s become one of the most-visited spots in the state of California. Simply put, the culinary culture here is booming, and you’ll not only find world-class decor but also tantalising and tasty food to accompany the quality of the atmosphere and vibes.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a simple intimate dinner or are looking for the perfect place to pop the question, here are seven of the most romantic restaurants in Sacramento to help you plan your evening.

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1. Ella Dining Room and Bar

World-class service comes standard at Ella Dining Room and Bar, where you’ll be seated in one of the most luxurious dining spaces in the city. A seasonal, contemporary menu serves as the stage on which expensive and elegant bottles of wine flow freely and the truly decadent ambience is the main player.

Most Romantic Restaurants In Sacramento

2. The Firehouse

Numerous publications, critics, and locals alike all rave about the quality of the dining experience at The Firehouse. It’s consistently ranked as one of the most romantic restaurants in Sacramento, and for a good reason. The five-course chef’s tasting menu offers a palatable experience for those interested in a side of delicious cuisine with their already romantic evening.

Date Night Restaurants in Sacramento

3. The Kitchen Restaurant

The Kitchen Restaurant takes open-kitchen dining to a whole new level. Dining here truly feels as if you’re dining in the family kitchen of close friends. And, honestly, that’s pretty much what you’re doing. A husband-and-wife team founded this romantic spot with their children, giving it an undeniably authentic, cosy feel. In 2019 they were awarded a Michelin star, so the place is sure to impress on all fronts.

4. Biba

Imagine dining at one of Sacramento’s premier fine dining establishments with bae. A pianist softly plays jazzy tunes in the background, the crisp white linen shines under the spotlights, and you’re sipping tasty wine from around the world. That’s what it’s like to spend date night at Biba. Oh, and the world-class food cooked by famous chef Biba Caggiano is just the icing on top of the cake.

Most Romantic Restaurants In Sacramento

5. The Waterboy

The Waterboy practically paved the way for all modern, romantic dining spots in Sacramento. The place has been around since the mid-90s and it’s been popular ever since for the focus they place on local, seasonal ingredients. Serving mostly northern Italian cuisine mixed with Californian ingredients, the spot exudes a sort of SoCal laidback charm that’s both relaxing and romantic.

6. Empress Tavern

A brick-lined vault of sorts welcomes you into the space that is the Empress Tavern. Unique lighting fixtures bounce light off of the cellar walls as couples cosy into their individual private booths. This downtown hotspot is packed on any weekend night. It’s usually full of couples, friends and families enjoying a sumptuous meal in a pretty unique setting. Plan date night here and you’re sure to impress.

7. Beast and Bounty

In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, most restaurants and cafes seem to take things too far in terms of decor. However, Beat and Bounty hits the nail right on the head. It’s everything you’d expect out of a cute, romantic restaurant. You’ll notice all of the right colours and accent features you need to enjoy snapping a few cute couples photos. Then, you can enjoy settling into your quality meal.

Most Instagrammable Restaurants in Sacramento

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