Scenic drives United States

7 Of The Most Scenic Drives In The United States

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned road trip. Whether just for an afternoon or for a few weeks, there’s just something about loading up the car and hitting the road. If you are wondering where to drive next for stunning vistas, this list has you covered. Here are the seven most scenic drives in the United States.

Scenic Drives In The United States

1. Overseas Highway – Florida

125 miles of US Route 1 runs over turquoise blue waters through the Florida Keys. This epic road links all of the keys together, making it perfect for island hopping and getting to know the Florida Caribbean better. Load up the car and hit one of the most unique and scenic roads in the United States.

2. Valley Of Fire – Nevada

Take in the Mars-like landscape that surrounds Nevada’s Valley of Fire. Rightfully named, this road weaves through colossal red sandstone formations in the rugged dessert and begs to be admired. Moreover, there are 2,000-year-old petroglyphs found in certain parts of the sandstone making for a perfect stop off.

most scenic drives in the world

3. Tioga Road – California

Load up the car for a stunning alpine drive-through Yosemite. Tioga, a Mohawk term for “where it forks” will wind through Yosemite Valley and end at Mono Lake.  Here is where ancient mountain peaks and glacial lakes’ll leave you breathless.

most scenic drives in the world
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4. US Route 163 – Arizona/Utah

Cruise the land of the Navajo and take in some of the United State’s most awe-inspiring desert landscape. Route 163 will take you through Monument Valley where Native American culture and orangey-red desert come together.

most scenic drives in the world

5. Highway One – Monterey County, California

This iconic California drive is perfect year-round and known for its dramatic cliffsides and postcard worthy views over Big Sur. On this positively gorgeous route, you’ll pass through Cali’s best such as Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Malibu and so much more.

most scenic drives in the world

6. Seward Highway – Alaska

This gorgeous forest byway passes through 127 miles of some of Alaska’s best natural and historical monuments. Along the way, you’ll see grazing moose, beluga whales, soaring eagles and so much more. Without a doubt, Seward Highway offers the very best of the Alaskan wilderness.

most scenic drives in the world

7. Blue Ridge Parkway – North Carolina/Virginia

Take in all the magic and beauty the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer on the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway. Running from Shenandoah National park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it’s full of incredible views. Be sure to carve out some time to stop for picnics and shop local Appalachian crafts.

Scenic drives United States

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