journey to the moon

New Jersey Trail Initiative Wants You to Virtually Travel to the Moon

journey to the moon

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail is a hiking, cycling and everything in between circuit trail in New Jersey. It’s a key piece in the Circuit Trails network comprised of 800 miles of trails. Connecting the Lawrence and Hopewell townships, it offers gorgeous viewsof the surroundings and is popular among active locals looing to soak up nature and get a good walk in. The Lawrence Hopewell Trail spans just 22 miles, but what if I told you that you could help turn those 22 miles in 238,000 miles? That’s precisely what the Journey to the Moon initiative plans to do.

Virtually Travel From the Earth to the Moon

The virtual event was announced on October 2 to kick off the first of this months two full moons. The Lawrence Hopewell Trail community hopes to rally enough active family and friends to log enough miles to travel the distance virtually from the Earth to the moon. Nearly 250,000 miles can sure seem like a lot, though. So each mile made will equate to an “LHT mile” of 22 miles. This pulls the 238,000-mile Journey down to just 10,818 LHT miles.

Best part? The miles can be logged by biking, jogging, skating – even walking the dog! They also include an option for logging from a treadmill or spin bike for those needing to stay indoors. All ages and fitness levels are welcome; you just need to get moving! To make it even more fun, participants are encouraged to dress up like they are going to the moon. Spaceship tracksuit? Check. Obnoxious alien antennas? Double-check.

Participants can also join from anywhere around the globe, not just New Jersey or the United States. Groups are encouraged so round up your best pals and log some miles in. Journey to the Moon will be in full force until March 1, 2021, so you’ve got plenty of time to log those extra jogs, hikes and cycles. You can log your miles on the Journey to the Moon uploader daily. Here you can also track the collective process to see how close to the moon you are. Additionally, you can stay in the loop by following along the Journey to the Moon Facebook page. The page offers loads of fun facts, updates on progress and information on the latest LHT news.

Fitness in the Name of Community

At first glance, it looks like a fitness activity, but Journey to the Moon is really all about community. It seeks to bring people together from all corners of the globe in a time that is pretty strange and unpredictable. So, grab your best running shoes, some quirky costume apparel and let’s collectively make our way to the giant white sphere in our sky. Bonus points for popping on Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.”

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