New Train Linking 3 Major Cities Makes Exploring Europe Even Easier

Travelling by train in Europe is one of the best ways to get around, with most cities linked up on several routes. Now, a new route is making it even easier! Three of Central Europe’s prettiest cities – Budapest, Vienna and Prague – are now accessible on a low-cost route from Regiojet.

With more and more people turning to alternative modes of transport instead of flying, this is perfect timing. Train travel in Europe is a rite of passage for many young Europeans who enjoy interrailing. It’s also a handy option for travellers of all ages.

The New Route Links 3 Major Cities in Central Europe

The route previously connected just the Czech Republic and Austria. Now, the new line sees it extended to link up Hungary too. Two trains will run daily in each direction on the route, with fares as low as €9 between Vienna and Budapest. To hop between Budapest and Prague, tickets will cost as little as €16. This includes seat reservations and free WiFi.

train Europe Regiojet

Although flying would certainly be faster (the train journey from Budapest to Prague takes seven hours), this new train is an exciting option.

You can more about the route and other cities that Regiojet offers train and bus services between here.

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