Off The Beaten Path Europe

Top 7 Off The Beaten Path Travel Destinations In Europe

One emerging travel trend for 2021 is a desire to escape the crowds of big, popular cities, and escape somewhere a little quieter – somewhere a little less ‘known’. With that in mind, we’re already dreaming about where to visit. Beautiful small towns, mountain villages and tiny fishing ports are just some of the best places to travel off the beaten path in Europe. 

Here’s where to look forward to visiting…

Off the Beaten Path Travel in Europe

1. Granada, Spain

Still considered a well-kept secret in Spain, Granada is a must! Granada is a jewel of Andalusia and filled with Moorish history. Granada gave us tapas, flamenco and Federico Garcia Lorca. Despite this, It’s managed to retain an authentic Spanish feel and remain uncrowded when compared to Barcelona and Madrid.

Off The Beaten Path Europe

2. Salzburg, Austria

Visit this Austrian destination to show off the stunning views of baroque buildings and the Eastern Alps in the distance. 2020 marked the 100th year of the iconic Salzburg Festival, making it a great time to finally visit the birthplace of Mozart.

Off The Beaten Path Europe

3. Perugia, Italy

A Medieval old square, winding alleys with wine bars on every corner and hillside castles will make you fall in love with Perugia. Charming villages surround the city and you can take a little boat trip to islands on Lake Trasimeno.

You’ve got to try the Baci Perugina, chocolate and hazelnut truffles in their famous silver and blue wrapping, with a romantic message tucked inside.

Off The Beaten Path Europe

4. Astypalea, Greece

Astypalea is blissfully remote. At about eight hours away from Athens by ferry, the journey to the island will help build anticipation. Once you’re there, you’ll notice how secluded it feels and how free of other tourists it is. Stay at a villa that’s been carved into the side of a rocky cliff and enjoy doing nothing but relishing in the stunning views.

Astypalea: “Love it, Just the Way it Is” - Greece Is

5. Braga, Portugal

Similar to Madrid and Barcelona, we believe that visitors in Portugal are a bit over it when it comes to the two largest cities of Lisbon and Porto. This makes Braga one of the cutest European destinations. Braga is located just an hour away from Porto by train. And, it’s home to cosy, winding streets and a truly remarkable Gothic cathedral. Sunsets here just seem so much sweeter than anywhere else in Portugal.

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6. Melrose, Scotland

This quaint town in the heart of the Scottish Borders is one of the prettiest places in Scotland. Melrose sits at the foot of the triple peaks of the Eildon Hills, one of the most distinctive single landmarks in the Scottish Borders. With site such as Melrose Abbey ruins and Sir Walter Scott’s romantic mansion of Abbotsford, it’s full of history, too.

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7. Aarhus, Denmark

Denmark’s second-biggest city is often ignored in favour of Copenhagen, and it’s a real shame. The European Capital of Culture for 2017, this place is full of good vibes. The skywalk on top of the Art Museum will give you views of the entire city, and there’s also 14th century churches to explore. What more could you need?

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