Best Bavarian Dishes

7 Bavarian Dishes You Have To Try

Cooking traditions of Bavarian cuisine date back to medieval times, and the traditional food in the region is still hearty and comforting, with a wide variety of wurst (sausages), meat dishes, Knödel (dumplings) and pasta dishes. Bavarian dishes are rustic, and wonderfully tasty.

You’ll also find culinary specialities of Swabia (Schwaben) in small parts of Bavaria. Want to make these traditional Bavarian dishes at home? We bet you do!

These recipes have been created by some of the world’s top food bloggers. The best of the best. All you have to do is follow their detailed step-by-step instructions to recreate these masterpieces. Make sure you bookmark the recipes so that you can make them again, as well as checking out of the other recipes on the blogs.

Best Bavarian Dishes

1. Bavarian Pretzel

The traditional Bavarian pretzel is known for its shiny, crunchy, dark brown exterior, created with lye solution (they are called Laugenbrezel in Germany). The best way to serve them is with a mug of beer and Bavarian white sausages called Weisswurst.

Recipe is by Jernej Kitchen.

Best Bavarian Dishes

2. German Goulash

This is a classic recipe using beef stew meat from the land of Oktoberfest where beef goulash aka Rindergulasch is a staple on beer hall and beer garden menus.

Recipe is by Craft Beering.

Bavarian dishes

3. Obazda

Obatzda is a Bavarian cheese dip made from Camembert (sometimes paired with Brie or Romadur) and butter. It is seasoned with paprika (sweet, spicy, or a combination), salt, pepper, and beer. The perfect spread for crunchy pretzels!

Recipe is by Tara’s Multicultural Table.

Obatzda (Bavarian Cheese and Beer Dip)

4. Bavarian Cream Donuts

Bavarian Cream Donuts are filled with a vanilla bean pastry cream. This is a perfect traditional Germany dessert, or for any time you want a donut fix!

Recipe is by Pies and Donuts.

5. Spätzle

Don’t confuse spaetzle with Italian macaroni! The Bavarians are very proud of their flagship dish, with its own centuries-long tradition. These soft egg noodles are filling and come in all sorts of different variations.

Recipe created by Nina.

6. Hendl (Roast Chicken)

You might think that everyone eats Wurst (sausage) at the Oktoberfest, but that is not the case! Though there are sausages and people will certainly eat them, the “real” Oktoberfest treat is the “Wiesn Hendl” – the Bavarian Roast Chicken.

Recipe by My German Recipes.

Oktoberfest Roast Chicken

7. Schweinshaxe

German Pork Hock, also known as roasted ham hock or Schweinshaxe, is a traditional Bavarian dish that’s popular not only during the Oktoberfest but all year round.

Recipe is by Plated Cravings.

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