Pizza In Orlando

The 7 Best Places For Pizza In Orlando

There are some incredible spots for pizza in Orlando, and the good news is that this is one food that is just as good for takeaway or delivery as it is for dine-in. You might not be able to fully enjoy the restaurant experience right now, but you can still enjoy the food!

From classic Neapolitan pizzas to New York style slices there is something here for everybody. All you need to do is work up an appetite and forget about that gym session for another day. Nothing beats a good pizza on cheat day and these are your very best options.

Grab some friends and get ready to eat some of the best pizza in Orlando.

Best Pizza in Orlando

1. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

It’s the authentic flavour of the coal fired pizza that really sets the place apart. It has that wonderful smokey flavour with a perfectly charred crust.

They offer seriously affordable deliveries; if you are lucky enough to eat in the restaurant the service is superb and the drinks always flowing.

2. F&D Woodfired Italian Kitchen

As the name suggests it is all about the oven which reaches a piping hot 800F. That heat is essential for the perfectly crispy crusts, which cook in less than 2 minutes.

The toppings are classical and the pieces loaded with cheese. Along with brilliant service this is the perfect Orlando pie eating experience.

3. Pizza Bruno

Pizza Bruno is a classic Neapolitan-style pizzeria with dough that takes 48 hours to prove with the pizza itself then being cooked in just 90 seconds.

They pride themselves on using the best ingredients – think California tomatoes and imported Italian sausage. The end result? A pizza which seems super simple but in reality has been prepared with immense attention to detail.

4. Piazza Italia

The room is large and open, bright and welcoming with the pizza oven at the very centre. Nothing beats the excitement of ordering your pizza and watching it being spun into the oven with anticipation.

The pizzas are classic in style featuring only the very best ingredients making them absolutely delicious every single time.

5. Market On Magnolia

Downtown Orlando’s freshest market with a full bar, poke bowls, cholo dogs, and 081 wood fired pizza. The beauty here is that you can come with friends and all try a little bit of something different each.

You will however, all find yourself gravitating towards the awesome pizza. The perfect combo of chewy crusts, cheesy goodness and fresh toppings.

Pizza In Orlando

6. NYPD Pizza Metro West

With four locations across the city you are never too far away from a slice of their truly authentic NY style pizza. The crust is thin, the cheese is absolutely loaded on and the toppings are simple and classical. What more could you ask for?

A slice of this pie and all your problems in life will quickly fade away.

Pizza In Orlando

7. Brick & Fire Pizza

Brick & Fire Pizza opened back in 2008 and since day one they have used the best possible raw ingredients that they could possibly afford. The dough for the pizzas is made fresh every single day using using extra virgin olive oil and live yeast beer from nearby Orlando Brewing.

Along with the friendly service, it isn’t hard to see why the place has some many regular customers. Properly tasty Orlando Pizza.

Pizza In Orlando

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