7 Best Portland Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Portland, Oregon

In a city known for its great food, drinks, coffee and things to do we wanted to find the best spots for scenic Portland instagram shots.

This is a city that sits between mountains and rivers and is known for its cycling and craft beer culture as well as its eco friendliness. In short, it’s the sort of progressive American city that more places should try to emulate. Plus, it looks absolutely incredible.

But where are the best spots in the city for great photos? We set out to find the seven best Portland Instagram locations

Instagrammable spots PortlandHow do these rankings work?

1. Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is a place to discard worldly thoughts and see yourself as a small but integral part of the universe – you’ll here feeling super peaceful. This is a place to unwind in pure serenity and also get a sneaky photo, of course.


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2. St. John’s Bridge

A steel suspension bridge that crosses the Willamette River looks absolutely iconic, no matter what angle you see it from. The easiest and best shot of the bridge is taken by heading up to Cathedral Park.


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3. Portland Neon Sign

This isn’t exactly the easiest photo to get, as the sign is aimed at the traffic crossing a busy bridge. If you can get it at night (safely!) there is no more cooler Portland Instagram shot. Special marks if you can get it during the Christmas season when the stag’s nose glows red like Rudolph.


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4. Vintage Cocktail Lounge

After all that walking around and snapping pictures you’ll want a strong drink to finish off the day. The city might be best known for beer but the cocktails in here are beyond pretty.

Located in the Montavilla neighborhood of SE Portland, Vintage Cocktail Lounge has a laid back atmosphere and is full of helpful easy to approach cocktail experts.


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5. Voodoo Doughnut

One of the most famous doughnut shots in the world, this spot nearly always has a line outside waiting to snap up their latest colourful creations. In addition to the more than 50 different doughnuts they offer on various days, their doughnut artists can create unique doughnuts upon request.

Voodoo Doughnut in Portland

6. International Rose Test Garden

Established in 1975, the Miniature Rose Garden is one of only six testing grounds for the American Rose Society (ARS) miniature rose test program. The national annual winners  are displayed in the middle of the garden along the center aisle. You’ll struggle to ever get a prettier floral shot for Instagram.


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7. Pittock Mansion

Built in 1914, Pittock Mansion tells the story of Portland’s transformation from pioneer town to modern, industrialised city. Saved from demolition by dedicated citizens in 1964, the Mansion and surrounding estate was purchased by the City of Portland and opened to the public as a historic house museum.

Stroll around the estate and admire the historic buildings.


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