Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in North Texas

The 7 Best Puerto Rican Restaurants In North Texas

Houston and San Antonio might be home to some of the United State’s best Puerto Rican restaurants. But, North Texas battles for the No. 1 spot in terms of the sheer variety of quality Puerto Rican eateries you’ll find here.

From traditional Puerto Rican empanadas and tostones to the ever-classic national dish of arroz con gandules, the best Puerto Rican restaurants in North Texas showcase all of the flavourful favourites you’d expect to see wandering the streets of San Juan.

There’s truly nothing you’ll be missing if you visit any one of the seven best Puerto Rican restaurants in North Texas. Everything is filled with flavour, packed with passion, and overflowing with hints of cultural delights.

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1. Jibarito’s – Bedford

Ask any Puerto Rican in North Texas where to find the finest, most authentic Puerto Rican food and they’ll likely point you in the direction of Jibarito’s. Numerous guests rave about how authentic the flavours are and how they burst out of every bite. From the Chuleta Kan Kan to the perfectly crunchy Jibaritos, there’s nothing on this menu that doesn’t impress.

Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in North Texas

2. Adobo – Irving

The Lone Star State is filled with little restaurants oozing of Puerto Rican flavours and rhythm. But, Adobo reigns supreme when it comes to serving quality food to North Texas locals. The Martinez family moved from Puerto Rico to Texas in 2010 and brought their family recipes with them. The result? Mouthwatering food that’s full of passion.

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3. El Flamboyan – Wylie

The brick-lined walls of El Flamboyan create a cosy atmosphere reminiscent of a family home. A painting of the Puerto Rican flag looms over the tables, as if the food wasn’t infused enough with culture and flavours. Everything on the menu is impressively authentic, but frequent guests especially rave about the quality of their Bistec Encebollado and the Pernil Asado.

Puerto Rican Food in North Texas

4. El Mofongo Caribbean Restaurant – Arlington

From mofongo to fried pork chops, everything that El Mofongo whips up is mouthwatering and delicious. This homestyle eatery serves locals and visitors a variety of authentic Puerto Rican dishes. And, they do it all with a sense of passion. That’s what really makes the difference here, along with the quality service and consistency of presentation. There’s no way you’re leaving here hungry.

5. Vaka Lokka

Sure, Vakka Lokka might serve an array of Mexican dishes, but that doesn’t mean their Puerto Rican dishes are any less authentic. This is one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in North Texas for a few reasons. But, the main one is their delightful mofongo. Order it stuffed with meat and then order a side of tostones. You’re in for one tasty treat.

6. Boca 31 – Keller

Similar to other restaurants in North Texas, Boca 31 specialises in a variety of Latin cuisine. Each dish is somehow brimming with authenticity and flavour, whether it’s Mexican, Cuban, or even Puerto Rican. So, while you won’t find an exclusively Puerto Rican menu here, they’ve been known to delight the senses of visitors who’ve tried Puerto Rican yucca and plantain mofongo. The chef’s ingenuity in general merits a visit – they’re doing something great here.

7. El Chifrijo Food Truck – Dallas

While El Chifrijo is an international fusion food truck, it’s impossible to deny their Puerto Rican influences. You’ll find an array of Latin and Caribbean dishes available, and the truck’s name itself is Costa Rican influenced. However, the chef’s Puerto Rican roots shine through in terms of flavour and preparation. Definitely try the Puerto Rican nachos first. Then, work your way through the rest of the menu.

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