Most Romantic Restaurant in Colombia

The 50 Most Romantic Restaurants In South America

Luxurious jungle-like hideouts and swanky city high-rise eateries await you at some of the most romantic restaurants in South America. From Lima to La Paz and all the way to Buenos Aires, there’s no shortage of romantic spots here.

On what is perhaps the most passion continent in the world, restaurants here ooze charm. And, they pair it all in a nice little package that features some of the best food in the world as the main course.

Whether you’re popping the question, celebrating an anniversary, or simply looking for a cosy place to enjoy a date night, there’s something on this list for any occasion. Get ready to ignite that flame. Here are the 50 most romantic restaurants in South America

The Most Romantic Restaurants in South AmericaHow do these rankings work?

50th. Chez Jerome – Quito, Ecuador

While it’s long been known as one of the best restaurants in Quito, Chez Jerome is quickly becoming one of the most romantic spots in all of Ecuador. In a lush, immense garden, the romance of French gastronomy wraps you in a warm embrace as soon as you enter, setting the stage for a truly special evening. It’s the perfect combination of French food and Latin soul.

49th. Cortesana – Manizales, Colombia

High up in the mountains of Colombia’s coffee region you’ll find Cortesana right up on a hilltop. Lush greenery and stunning mountain views surround you as you dine under romantic lighting. Despite the general low-key nature of the restaurant itself, Cortesana’s breathtaking views and laid-back vibes create a cosy atmosphere.

Romantic Restaurants in Colombia

48th. UCO – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wood-panelled walls welcome you into UCO, one of the most romantic restaurants in South America. Small, private tables line the interior of the restaurant and lead you out to the terrace. While truly intimate inside and out, the terrace here feels especially romantic. Be sure to book a table in advance if you want the best spot.

47th. Hay Pan – La Paz, Bolivia

Tasty tapas and some of the best wine in all of South America are two things you can definitely expect when visiting Hay Pan. Don’t let the small space fool you, there’s a lot of magic hidden within the walls. It oozes out and into the atmosphere to create a fantastic mixture of romance and adventure. Order a bottle of local wine and all will be well.

46th. ALTO Restaurante – Caracas, Venezuela

Expect to experience fine dining at its best when visiting ALTO in Caracas. Named as one of the Top 50 Restaurants in Latin America year after year, there’s no denying that the food here is some of the best in the world.

However, people often seem so distracted by the food that they forget just how romantic the setting is, both inside and out. We’re here to remind you that’s it ideal for date night.

Romantic Restaurants in Caracas Venezuela

45th. Moments – Paramaribo, Suriname

Green leaves flow in the wind and key mood lighting sets the tone at Moments in Paramaribo. Not only is this one of the most romantic restaurants in South America, but it’s also one of the best restaurants in Suriname. Order anything off the menu and just relax in your super laidback surroundings. It’s jungle vibes with a romantic edge.

Most Romantic Restaurant in Suriname

44th. Aagman Indian Restaurant – Georgetown, Guyana

Aagman is hailed as a multi-sensory dining experience, which truly sounds like a great way to begin a date. The vibrant red decor and exotic accents that cover the walls all craft a romantic experience, regardless of what you’re celebrating. But hey, every date night date is special when it’s with someone you love.

Most Romantic Restaurant in Guyana

43rd. Castillo Forestal – Santiago, Chile

What’s more romantic than dining with your loved one in a castle? Feel like true kings and queens as you sample some of the finest French food in all of South America. Let the soft lighting lull you into a passionate haze. Forest views and snug tables for two are the perfect combination.

42nd. Moreno Restaurante, Caracas, Venezuela

From the chandeliers that hang from the sky-high ceilings to the superb service, there’s nothing about this restaurant that’s not elegant and charming. Evenings here are relaxed, and tables are just intimate enough to enjoy a nice chat with your partner. Settle in as you devour some of the most well-crafted food in Venezuela.

41st. Mani Manioca – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Named as one of Latin America’s Top 50 Restaurants in 2019, Mani Manioca delivers more than just an intimate setting and romantic tables. Here, you’ll be able to wow your date with some of the most spectacular food in all of South America. They skillfully craft modern dishes with Brazilian influences for a truly memorable meal. The pretty setting doesn’t hurt, either.

40th. Faustina – Cusco, Peru

After a long day of touring one of the highest cities in South America, head to Faustina for a quiet candlelit dinner. Whitewashed walls and exposed brick transform at night when the lights go down and the candles are lit. Order a few quality pisco sours and unwind into the evening. You’ll feel like you’re the only two people in the world.

Most Romantic Restaurant in Cusco

39th. Casa Galan Restoran – Cordoba, Argentina

There are few better places in Argentina to spend an anniversary or celebrate a special relationship milestone. Waiters at Casa Galan have been known to take special care of couples who are celebrating. But, even without extra` attention, the restaurant is super romantic. The lights are perfectly dim and the food is absolutely delicious.

38th. Casaluz – Santiago, Chile

As soon as you step out onto the patio here, you’ll feel as if you’ve just been transported to an enchanting garden. Fairy lights are strung above and plants adorn the walls, which flicker with the light of the candles on each private table. There’s nothing about this place that doesn’t exude passion and romance. It’s a perfect setting for a romantic meal.

Romantic Dining in Chile

37th. La Cabrera – Asuncion, Paraguay

If you or your partner are in the mood for well-cooked meat then head to La Cabrera in Asuncion, Paraguay.  The distinguished atmosphere is dotted with unique pieces of art, all of which you can enjoy as you sip on one of their premium wines. The dessert menu here really tops it all off, so make sure to save room for something sweet. Two spoons, one heart, right?

Date Night Buenos Asuncion Paraguay

36th. Buddha Bar – Caracas, Venezuela

Opulence is the name of the game at Buddha Bar in Caracas. Deep red walls and ornate decorations create an incredibly passionate vibe that’ll have your heart racing before you even finish your meal. Travel to far-away lands as you indulge in the food here; it’ll be like taking a trip with your partner without ever leaving the table. You’ll be talking about this place for weeks to come.

35th. Restaurante Piura – Pereira, Colombia

Guadua bamboo welcomes you into an intriguingly intimate setting at Piura, a Peruvian restaurant in Colombia’s coffee region. On Thursday evenings, live music sways guests, lulling them into a romantic spell as they sip their super-strong pisco sours. Here, they cater well to couples. Call ahead to let them know you’re celebrating something special and they’ll decorate the table for you. Pisco sours all ’round?

Piura Pereira Romantic Dinner in Colombia

34th. Casa Julian – Guayaquil, Ecuador

Hidden deep within the Parque Histórico Guayaquil you’ll find one of the finest hotels in Ecuador – Hotel del Parque. Inside the hotel, you’ll find the enchantingly romantic Casa Julian. From the stunning sunset views to the intimate patio tables, you’ll be able to spark any kind of romance you want here. A must-visit for special occasions.

33rd. Mappe Monde – La Paz, Bolivia

At Mappe Monde, the sweet, savoury sounds of jazz enchant couples who sip slowly on wine from all over South America. Quaint corners of the restaurant are reserved for romantic evenings, and the delightful gastronomy only adds to the wonderful experience. It’s simple but beautiful, letting the atmosphere and food shine through.

Most Romantic Restaurants in South America

32nd. Vini Figueira Gastronomia – Salvador, Brazil

It doesn’t matter where they seat you at Vini Figueira Gastronomia. Each table is charmingly placed to offer guests a unique vantage point of the entire restaurant, which is idyllic even from the outside. The high-quality cuisine here has bold touches, which will hopefully work to help you work up the courage to be just as bold in love.

Romantic Dinner Dates in South America

31st. Maido – Lima, Peru

Maido is the No. 1 restaurant in all of Latin America right now, so if you’re looking to impress your partner, there’s no better place to go. Despite serving some of the most well-crafted and thoughtful dishes in the world, however, Maido delivers in terms of ambience as well. Let the gourmet food lead the evening as you relax into your surroundings.

30th. El Escudo del Quijote – Cali, Colombia

Cali is the salsa capital of the world, which might be why there’s passion hiding within the walls of El Escudo del Quijote. Colombian flavours melt into the chef’s own international journey to form a truly transformational dining experience here. Rich red walls and lots of wine enhance the romantic feel, too. It’s cosy without feeling cramped.

Romantic Restaurant Cali Colombia

29th. Zanzibar – Santiago, Chile

Few things are more romantic than the vibrant, passionate colours, sights, and sounds of Eastern Africa. At Zanzibar, you and your partner will be invited to travel around the world through your tastebuds and immerse yourself in an exotic environment. Head here on a Friday to catch a live performance of tribal dances. The food itself is just as impressive.

Where to Go for Anniversary Dinner Santiago

28th. Primuseum – Montevideo, Uruguay

One critic once said that Primuseum is like a festival for the senses. If that’s not the review for a perfectly romantic restaurant in South America, then we don’t know what is. From Wednesday to Sunday, the restaurant serves up a delightful tasting menu that’s accompanied by one of the best tango shows in Uruguay. Dinner and dancing = dreamy date nights.

South America Romantic Restaurants

27th. Restaurant 1700 – La Paz, Bolivia

If the idea of dinner in one of the most opulent and eccentric restaurants in South America sounds like a romantic date night to you, then go ahead and book a table at Restaurant 1700 in La Paz. The Baroque architecture here hugs you in a romantic embrace, making it impossible not to feel all loved up with whoever you’re with. This has marriage proposal written all over it.

Most Luxurious Restaurant in South America

26th. Aramburu – Buenos Aires, Argentina

They say the way to person’s heart is through their stomach, and if that’s true then you’re going to win the heart of your lover after dining here. You’ll be enticed with various textures, flavours and aromas to start. They’ll stir your tastebuds and tingle your senses all throughout the impressive 12-course meal. Such gourmet dining must bring some sense of romance, right?

25th. Carmen – Medellin, Colombia

The enchanting interior of Carmen is rivalled only by the equally stunning exterior, which is rich with lush greenery. Carmen’s located inside of a lovely little house, making it feel intimate and personal. The delightful green touches and quality food make it one of the most romantic restaurants in South America, especially at night.

Most Romantic Restaurant in Medellin

24th. El Mercado – Buenos Aires, Argentina

At El Mercado, the lower key restaurant at the Faena Hotel, they believe that a truly great meal is an emotional experience, a celebration if you will. They take those ideas and infuse them into everything here, from the setting to the food. Prepare for a truly romantic date night in a beautiful setting. You’ll be coming here for every special occasion.

El Mercado Restaurante Argentina

23rd. Aqui Esta Coco – Santiago, Chile

Coco Pachecho has turned his life’s passion into a true work of art to create one of the most romantic restaurants in South America. Aqui Esta Coco exudes romance, almost as if Coco himself has taken his passions and splattered them all over the walls. Each one of the salons here is unique, leaving you with plenty of choice for your special date night.

22nd. Ascai Restaurante 360º – Arequipa, Peru

Stunning views are standard fare at this 360-degree restaurant. Peer out over the city as soft lanterns light up your surroundings. Sample some of the finest food in Peru and relish in world-class views of the volcanoes in the distance. Sounds like the setting of a fairytale date, to be honest. We’re big fans.

Romantic Restaurant Arequipa Peru

21st. Cocina Clandestina – Asuncion, Paraguay

The premise of this restaurant is the pleasure of the unusual and the expectation of mystery. Each evening spent here aims to offer guests the chance to rediscover the already discovered. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to do the same with your partner. Cosy tables for two and a stellar food menu are real highlights.

20th. El Mercado – Cuenca, Ecuador

Large candelabras light this plant-lined restaurant, which is without a doubt one of the most romantic in South America. El Mercado is a place where you go to reconnect with a loved one in a sumptuous setting that stirs up feelings of warmth and intimacy. The food adds to the experience, awakening the senses.

Dinner Date Cuenca Ecuador

19th. Térèze – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Every nook and cranny of this luxurious restaurant is filled with intimate touches and charming details. Fine dining is accompanied by panoramic views of the Guanabara Bay. Indulge in superior cuisine and then plan to stay the night at the hotel for a nice ending to a super romantic evening. The dream date night.

South America Brazil Romantic Dinner

18th. Portofino – Valparaiso, Chile

Few things can beat spending the evening watching the sunset over the ocean with your significant other. At Portofino, you can do just that, but pair it with spectacular eats and even better wine. Magic awaits you here, from the inspired dishes to the breathtaking views. One of the most romantic restaurants in South America, no doubt.

17th. Central Restaurante – Lima, Peru

In an artistic sense, there’s something romantic about the way that they weave indigenous Peruvian ingredients into the restaurant’s menu. There’s a reason why this place is listed as one of the world’s best restaurants. However, it’s about more than just the food.

Even though they’ve gained a lot of fame, the place remains down-to-earth and truly inspiring, especially if you’re enjoying it all with a loved one.

16th. Marea by Rausch – Cartagena, Colombia

Hundreds of twinkling lights line the terrace ceiling at Marea, one of the most romantic restaurants in South America thanks to the famous Rausch brothers. Here, you can relish in stunning harbour views as you’re served some truly delicious food. You’ll feel all lovey-dovey with the beautiful walled city of Cartagena lit up in the background.

15th. Floreal – Punta del Este, Uruguay

Quiet, quaint gardens welcome you to Floreal, one of the most romantic restaurants in Uruguay. There seems to be no organisation to the seating here, which makes every table feel supremely private and extra intimate. You’ll be able to cosy up to your partner as the lush greenery casts a warm hue over the entire evening.

14th. Carmine – Quito, Ecuador

Art and gastronomy melt together to form this incredible restaurant. And by incredibly we mean incredibly romantic. Above all, prepare for lots of charm, as this place is located inside of a French-style house that’s covered in ivy and surrounded by beautiful gardens. It’s hard not to feel as if you’re living in a fairytale when dining at Carmine.

13th. Museo Larco Cafe – Lima, Peru

Seeing as The Museo Larco is a culturally delightful museum inside of an 18th-century vice-royal building, it makes sense that the on-site restaurant would be just as exquisite. Museo Larco Cafe is one of the most elegant museum restaurants in the world.

It offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in living art. Candelabras, an enchanting patio, and a quiet garden all add to the passionate ambience.

12th. Club de Pesca – Cartagena, Colombia

There are few places in the world that serve up more stunning sunsets than in Cartagena. So naturally, restaurants here always deliver in terms of photo-perfect settings. Perhaps it’s the rolling tide, the Caribbean vibes, or the historical backdrop.

If you’re looking to enjoy those kinds of views for an entire evening, reserve a table at Club de Pesca. Easily one of the best spots for a romantic dinner along the shores of Cartagena.

Romantic Seaside Dinner in Cartagena

11th. Marius Degustare – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Marius Degustare is one of the most romantic restaurants in South America for many reasons. Nautical memorabilia and antiques set the scene, which is made even prettier by vibrant blue and yellow accent lights. The result? An intriguing blend of exciting flavours, sights, and sounds, that all heighten your senses and get your heart racing.

10th. i Latina – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Romance is sometimes more about shared experiences more than anything else. At i Latina in Buenos Aires, you can embark on a wonderful culinary journey together all the way from Mexico to Patagonia. Their seven-course tasting menu pairs perfectly with the wines they present. You’ll be left feeling as if you’ve just travelled the entire continent with your partner.

Dinner for Couples in Buenos Aires

9th. Amado – Salvador, Brazil

Soft samba music plays in the background and lights dimly illuminate the tables that overlook the South Atlantic Ocean. Bahia’s never looked so sexy. Fine food, great wine, and a truly intimate atmosphere all work together to create the perfect setting for any special occasion.

8th. Giratorio Restaurant – Santiago, Chile

There’s nothing quite as romantic as dining in a rotating restaurant that serves up stunning views of the Chilean night sky. At Giratorio Restaurant in Santiago, you’ll truly be able to watch the world go ’round as you engage in a delightful dining experience. Looking for an unforgettable date night? This is the place to go.

7th. La Rosa Nautica – Lima, Peru

Charming seaside views envelope each and every guest who visits La Rosa Nautica, one of South America’s most romantic restaurants for anniversaries, proposals, and simple dates. The food here teases out tantalising feelings, while superb food and the sound of lapping waves adds the most relaxing touch.

6th. Restaurante Marismo – Maldonado, Uruguay

Tucked away in the Jose Ignacio dunes, you’ll find what’s perhaps one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. The vibe at Restaurante Marismo is a rugged one, where you can dine with your feed in the sand under a starlit sky and the shelter of a warm stove. Let live music wrap you in its embrace, or simply cuddle up to your loved one.

Romantic Dinner Uruguay

5th. Aprazível – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Enjoy artisan Brazilian cuisine and cachaça as you soak up spectacular views of Rio de Janeiro. Aprazível’s captivating setting is, at times, almost too good to be true. Sunset views on one side, lush green gardens on the other, and strategically strung lights all work together to create a romantic symphony that’s not to be missed.

4th. Como Agua Para Chocolate – Santiago, Chile

It almost feels as if Como Agua Para Chocolate was designed with romantic evenings in mind. Everything, from the tranquil water fountain and the exquisite food, works as an aphrodisiac here. Rose petals adorn the tables that await you. Here, there’s no way you’re not going to fall in love. How could you possibly not?

Romantic Dinner in South America

3rd. Restaurante Casa San Isidro – Bogota, Colombia

It’s easy to get lost in the seemingly endless views that await you here. Located at the top of the famed Monserrate, this restaurant specialises in serving picturesque portrait views as you gaze out onto the beautiful city of Bogota below. Prepare for enchanting enthrallment.

Most Romantic Restaurant in Colombia

2nd. El Ventanal – Quito, Ecuador

Sparkling city lights dot the hills of Quito, providing guests with one of the most spectacular dining views in the country. And, floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that everybody’s got first-row seats to the show that is the cityscape. Dining here is an unforgettable and truly unique experience.

1st. Casa El Enemigo – Mendoza, Argentina

Tucked away just minutes from the Mendoza River, you’ll find the most romantic restauant in South America – Casa El Enemigo. Housemade wine flows out onto the incredibly intimate terrace, which is lit up just enough to admire the person sitting in front of you.

The story behind this winery and restaurant is perhaps the reason why it radiates with such passion. But, it’s probably best you head there and ask the owners to tell you the story themselves.

Most Romantic Restaurant in South America

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