7 Romantic Things to do Houston

Looking for a few romantic ideas for you and your special someone? Houston has you covered. The sprawling metropolis has plenty to make your day memorable whether you’re after a classic evening of steak and wine or are looking for something a little more adventurous. Here are a few romantic things to spice it up this Valentine’s season in Houston.

7 Romantic Things to do in Houston

1. Catch the sunset at the Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

Set in Rice University, the Twilight Epiphany Skyspace is truly a work of architectural wonder. Each night at sunset, it puts on an incredible LED light show and provides stellar views of the surrounding Houston skyline. Take your pick from two viewing platforms and watch the sun go down together.

image: James Turrell Skyspace at Rice University/Facebook

2. Spend the day exploring the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

What better way to spend a day appreciating each other than a stroll mano y mano through the tranquil grounds of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center? Home to the city’s most lush and beautiful green space, the park is chock full of trails whether you’re up for a hike, cycle or simple stroll. 

image: Charles Mayer/Facebook

3. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two

Houston is home to one of the best food scenes in the Lone Star State from cosy brasserie-style eateries, hole in the wall taquerias and swanky fine dining joints. So it goes without saying that one of the most romantic things to do in Houston is to spend an evening dining together in one of the cities world-class restaurants. Curious where to start? Head here

image: Savoir/Facebook

4. Enjoy a spa day together

What better way to proclaim your love for each other than with an afternoon full of pampering and relaxation? Houston is home to some of the state’s best luxury spas perfect for chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne with couples massages and relaxing facials. We recommend going all out on a five-star pampering with a booking at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston Spa. 

5. Enjoy a performance by the Houston Symphony

Houston’s Jess H. Jones Hall is home to the Houston Symphony who is not only one of the nation’s most renowned symphonic orchestras but also has a Grammy to back it up. A romantic evening taking in the thrill and emotion behind a symphonic performance is simply unbeatable.

image: Houston Symphony/Facebook

6. Slip away to Broadway at the Hobby Center

Speaking of shows, the Hobby Center for Performing Arts is a great pick if you and your special someone aren’t really the orchestra type. Spend the evening taking in a Broadway musical performance like no other that will surely make for a memorable and fun date night. One of its most notable performances is of course Hamilton followed by  Anastasia created by the Tony Award-winning creators of the Broadway fave Ragtime.

image: HAMILTON And Peggy National Tour Company by Joan Marcus/Facebook

7. Wander a museum together

Houston boasts some pretty incredible museums whether you’re an art fanatic, history buff or science geek. Spend the afternoon checking out the incredible exhibits in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Or how about a few mind-bending pieces at the Museum of Fine Arts; and then hitting up the Contemporary Arts Museum? There are plenty of options to immerse you and your love in a whole new world for the afternoon. 

image: Houston Museum of Natural Science/Facebook
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