The 7 Best Coffee In Houston

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Houston

If you’re looking for the best spots to get your java fix in Houston, you’ve certainly got some great places to choose from. From unique Houstonian coffee joints to Third Wave specialty cafes, this is a city for coffee lovers.

So, we’ve taken our pick of the very best coffee stores in Houston that will never let you down. Cold brew or classic filter?

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1. Cavo Coffee

Using their own freshly brewed beans from Cleo Roasting Co. and they serve them from specialty siphon brews. Their amazing cold brews come via glass towers that allow you to watch the four-hour process – if you’re hanging around for that long, that is. A real joy of a place.

Cavo Coffee in Houston

2. Blacksmith

This must-visit coffee shop has an industrial vibe yet still feels cosy, with truly expert baristas. Why the name? Well, Blacksmith lives up to it by making much as possible by hand and seeking out the best purveyors for the products they sell.

Blacksmith Cafe

3. Boomtown Coffee

This craft coffee shop roasts its beans in super small batches, so they’re as fresh as can possibly be. This is the sort of coffee place you want as your local. Plus, the staff are friendly and always happy to answer any coffee-related questions you might have – they’re that passionate.

Best Cafe

4. A 2nd Cup

Coffee with a good cause, every purchase of coffee supports the fight against human trafficking.

Indulge in their specialty lattes like the “Sweet Toff” (English toffee mocha), a “Chai Fritz” (double espresso chai), or “Red Baron” (raspberry mocha) along with breakfast and lunch options served until 5 p.m.


5. Catalina Coffee

Catalina Coffee is a super spot for getting some work done while sipping on a perfect coffee (and even a freshly baked pastry, if that takes your fancy!). Their coffee comes from sister company Amaya Roasting Co. which has ethically sourced beans from all across the world, roasted from a light to medium roast coloration.

Catalina Coffee

6. FIX Coffeebar

FIX Coffeebar serves up locally roasted specialty coffee from the Montrose district of Houston, always brewed to pure perfection. Tucked away in a small shopping center along Westheimer Road, it’s worth seeking this place out for their excellent drip coffee and espresso drinks.

FIX Coffeebar in Houston

7. Siphon Coffee

One for serious coffee aficionados, Siphon Coffee are experts in the long ‘n’ slow siphon brew method, giving you a super cup of joe each and every time. The unique brewing method takes about 10 minutes, but it’s worth the wait for a rich flavour you’ll be coming back for again and again.

Siphon Coffee

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