7 Recipes Specifically Designed For Self Isolation Cooking

With a large portion of the world forced into their homes because of the coronavirus self isolation cooking is the new norm.

With many people only learning how to cook we decided to create a series of recipes that…

  • Only have 7 ingredients
  • Featured items people have stocked like tinned food and pasta
  • Featured tinned food and other common pantry items
  • Take less than 20 minutes to make

With self isolation there can be little doubt that boredom is one of the biggest factors. Food is one of the highlights of the day, something to look forward to.

Created by a professional chef these couldn’t be any easier to make and will give you that little lift you need. Why not learn to cook while in lock down and impress your friends and family? We will be releasing new recipes in the exact same format here daily and you already have 18 to choose from…

Our Best Simple Self Isolation Cooking Recipes

1. Greek-Style Tinned Tuna Baked Potato

Tinned tuna is one of the first things that people stockpiled but it can get pretty boring pretty quickly. This recipe is lush, packed full of flavour and will quickly become a staple.

2. Tinned Food Recipe: The Ultimate Cheesy Nachos

Just because you are locked up in the house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a big treat. These nachos use tinned foods and take absolutely no time to prepare.

3. Self Isolation Cooking 10 Minute Foolproof Chicken Tacos Recipe

Craving some good Mexican style food but all your favourite restaurants are closed? Fear not because with just 7 ingredients you can have a serious treat with these tacos.

Self isolation cooking

4. The One Pasta Recipe Everybody Should Know How To Cook

Every pantry in the world seems to be packed with pasta right now. Instead of using a store bought jar why not make the sauce from scratch? Super simple and utterly delicious.

Self isolation cooking tuna

5. How To Make The Ultimate Acai Smoothie Bowl

Health s a huge factor at the moment so start the day with this bowl packed full of yummy goodness. A quick, simple and nutritious way to start the day.

Self isolation cooking breakfast

6. Super Simple Steak & Eggs Brunch Recipe

One of the highlights of the week for many is a weekend brunch after a hard slog in the office. Just because you are in lock down doesn’t mean you should miss out on that awesome treat. Recreate one of the most iconic brunch recipes at home for your family and friends.

7. Simple & Delicious Tinned Tuna Pasta Recipe

With shopping getting harder you’ll be loading up on many of the same ingredients, This should be your self isolation cooking “go to” recipe because it is packed full of flavour, affordable and ready in minutes. It also happens to be utterly delicious.

Self isolation cooking pasta recipe

If you want to see more of our great recipes check out our Big 7 Food Instagram account.

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