travel holiday season

Study: Most Americans Won’t Be Traveling For Family This Holiday Season

travel holiday season

The ongoing pandemic has massively affected the lives of those living in The States from job losses to illness to the economic crisis and more. By April of this year, more than half of Americans had already cancelled their summer vacations, and many nationwide events were cancelled before summer ever shone. As the US continues to grapple with the destruction of the pandemic, it’s found itself at a crossroads for holiday travel. Thanksgiving alone puts more than 50 million Americans en route to family each year – but not for 2020. According to a recent study, those numbers will plummet this year with most Americans choosing not to travel this holiday season. At least not in the way they used to.

What the numbers say

Travelocity’s 2020 Holiday Outlook Survey conducted in September brings these stats to life with some hard-hitting questions. The survey revealed that 60% of Americans won’t be traveling to visit family or friends this holiday season. Of the pool of participants, more than 30% say they won’t be celebrating at all. You may be thinking, Christmas family plans have been trashed so people can stay home. On the contrary, many people are planning to travel – just not to see grandma and the cousins.

The survey showed that one in four people have a personal vacation planned later in the year. Likewise, more than 40% of families with children plan on taking a trip before the New Year. These aren’t last-minute travellers, either. Majority of those planning to travel for leisure over the holidays have already booked their lodging and transport. Additionally, 80% are opting to hit the road over boarding a plane to lessen the risk of exposure.

In closing, most families aren’t going home this holiday season – but they aren’t staying in either. This holiday season will definitely be unorthodox in the way of family gatherings, travel and special celebrations. It speaks to the ongoing impacts of the virus that families are opting for leisure vacations over holiday celebrations to get back the time they may have lost due to cancelled summer cruises or vacations earlier in the year. Nonetheless, Travelocity reports that holiday spirits are still high. Even if they may not be celebrated the way they usually are. Two-thirds of the group’s participants stated that they have been able to travel to friends and family since the start of the virus and nearly half say they are happy and calm about the approaching season.

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