Daily Drool #13: The Giant Stuffed Cheeseburger

We recently wrote about the 50 best burgers in the world, but we didn’t actually include a stuffed cheeseburger, so we thought we better sort that out today. Bless us Burger God, and forgive us our trespasses.

Now, stuffed burgers are nothing new with chefs around the world doing their own unique take on them for years, but this giant burger goes to another level.

What makes this burger so special? Not only is it stuffed full of melted cheese, it is also made for multiple people to share and carved up at the table by the waiting staff…

Here’s the stuffed cheeseburger in all its glory as it arrives to the table. How’s this for perfection?


So, where will you find this stuffed cheeseburger? Hightail it to the sinfully good, meat-obsessed restaurant called Mr Bull  in Brazil.

It’s meant to serve up to four people (it’s huge) and comes with flat bread, fries and dipping sauces. As you’ll see from Mr Bull’s Instagram they also have lots of other tempting meat dishes. This is the sort of place to come if you have a serious appetite.

A second look shows just how much cheese is actually packed inside. Watch how it oozes out when the waiting staff cut into it…

The good news is that they leave the platter with you, so you can carve yourself out more slices. You’ll also want to dunk your bread and fries into that oozing cheese…

As for sharing? We’re not so sure we could bring ourselves to share this with anybody.


Not able to make it to Brazil but still want to make your own version at home? The guys in Tasty had a great recipe to create something similar…

If you liked this Daily Drool you’ll love this burger that is literally injected with cheese. 

Big 7 Travel Team