The 50 Best Tapas Restaurants In Europe

While in Spain the concept of tapas is simple – tasty little nibbles brought to your table when you order a drink – elsewhere tapas have evolved into a dining experience that stands on its own.

Spaniards might disagree, but you can find incredible tapas, pinchos, pinxtos and everything in between in pretty much every major city. So, to celebrate these small plates, we’ve rounded up the best tapas restaurants in Europe.

Salty sardines, fresh green olives, croquetas and countless other delicious bites: tapas are the perfect type of food to eat when you can’t decide what to order.

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50th. California Tapas & Wine Bar – Vilnius, Lithuania

This funky tapas bar is a popular spot for wine and tasty bites, with a great range of Californian-style tapas to choose from. Choose from green pepper bread with roasted artichokes, coloured cherry tomatoes and smoked chilli powder or oysters with smoked eel. Delicious.

49th. La Tasca Nueva – Munich, Germany

This rustic tapas bar takes inspiration from typical tapas dishes from Andalusia. The tall rooms with their large windows and the original Spanish furniture add an authentic vibe to the restaurant. Sitting here with a glass of vino in hand and a plate of boquerones fritos (fried anchovies) is the ideal way to spend an evening.

48th. Mojo Picón Tapas & Wine Bar – Warsaw, Poland

Who knew you could find incredible Spanish tapas in Warsaw? This tapas bar has an extensive range of dishes from all across Spain, with a special emphasis on food from the Canary Islands – hence the ‘mojo’ in the name. Feast on legendary papas arrugadas or ropa vieja, and for dessert, there’s traditional barraquito.

47th. Arco Tapas Bar – Marbella, Spain

One of the most popular places for tapas in Marbella, Arco Tapas Bar is a beautiful spot in the heart of the Old Town. The sangria is top notch, as are the tapas using local artisan ingredients. Be sure to book in advance as it’s super busy, and ask for a table outside so you can soak up the atmosphere.

46th. Restaurant La Paella – Paris, France

This charming little Spanish restaurant in Paris has all sorts of amazing tapas to feast on, from tortilla de patatas to Iberico ham, seafood and fresh octopus with chillis. It’s nothing fancy, which is what we love about it. The raw ingredients and talent in the kitchen really shine through in every dish.

45th. Bistró Podenco – Luxembourg

A simple-but-brilliant bistro, this is one of the best tapas restaurants if you’re looking for a few tapas to share with friends a bottle of Rioja. The menu changes depending on what’s in season, using only the finest products from Spain for rich and authentic flavours. Expect padrón peppers with lots of coarse sea salt and garlic clams.

44th. Salero – Athens, Greece

Salero is a stylish restaurant in a 1930’s Bauhaus building, with food that’s just as pretty as the restaurant setting itself. Serving up a fusion of Greek & Spanish cuisine, they combine the best of the Mediterranean on the menu. Highlights include a seafood tart with Ouzo cream and fresh herbs, or grilled goat cheese wrapped in jamon.

43rd. Xarcuteria – Stockholm, Sweden

Xarcuteria is a relaxed and cosy tapas restaurant in Kungsholmen that has more than 50 wines by the glass. The perfect accompaniment to tapas, right? Old classics are mixed with modern fusion tapas, and the charcuterie platter is not to be missed. The smoked cod with sautéed vegetables and rosemary is a must-try.

42nd. Tapasbar La Malcontenta – Ghent, Belgium

This cute tapas bar in the main heart of the city is run by two Ghent brothers with Canarian roots. The menu has a seasonal range of homemade tapas and wines originating from the Canary Islands. There’s also various tempting suggestions every day that can be read on the chalkboard above the bar.

41st. Entresol – Riga, Latvia

This award-winning restaurant has a special menu of  11 “knapas” – different and creative small bites of dishes that allow you to taste plenty of new flavours. There’s oyster with rhubarb and pink pepper, duck foie gras medallion with tomato gel or tiger prawns in a citron broth. It’s an unusual take on tapas, but it works.

40th. Destino – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Destino’s tapas are modern, but you will find traditional favourites as well. A new menu of seasonal tapas is on offer every month, and there are always a number of daily specials. Of course, you’ll find classic tapas like jamon serrano and calamares fritos, but you should really give their fresh fish a try.

39th. Sourire Restaurant – Paris, France

Souririe Restaurant is the very best of Spain and France mixed together, with tapas that take inspiration from both amazing foodie countries. Think: Burnt mackerel from Brittany, French Basque trout marinated in whisky and a droolworthy plate of Comte croquettes. It’s creative and utterly delicious.

38th. Como Tapas by Comocomo – Brussels, Belgium

Como Tapas is a fun place to come, taking the idea of the sushi conveyer belt and turning it into a ‘grab what you like’ tapas bonanza. Want a serious feast? Of course, you do. Go for the ‘All In’ menu, which has unlimited tapas dishes for two hours. It’s the perfect way to try as many of the tapas here as possible.

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37th. Micho Gusto Café y Tapas – Bratislava, Slovakia

Micho Gusto’s lively atmosphere easily makes it one of the best tapas restaurants in Europe. Here you can start the day with a Spanish tortilla and finish it with a selection of tapas to share and a hefty jug of sangria on their terrace. An open kitchen is right behind the bar, so grab a seat here to watch the chefs in action. Must-eats include their imported Iberico ham.

36th. Puerta Del Sol – Vienna, Austria

You could be forgiven for thinking you were in Spain when in Puerta Del Sol – there’s a reason it’s one of the best tapas restaurants in Europe and it’s all down to their incredible food. There’s a vast range of tapas dishes from various regions in Spain, with an excellent chorizo al vino tinto.

35th. Euskadi Restaurant – Krakow, Poland

Euskadi is seriously killing it when it comes to Basque cuisine – their menu of pintxos and tapas is just as good as you would find in the top tapas restaurants in Spain. There are juicy, fleshy olives, soft shell crab with white bisque sauce and pig cheeks with parsnip puree. Plates are full of colour and flavour.

34th. Pharmácia – Lisbon, Portugal

This quirky restaurant in Lisbon’s apothecary museum is a mega hotspot with both locals and tourists alike. The menu is full of treats, specifically traditional Portuguese “petiscos” aka tapas. Duck croquettes with orange jam are an essential dish to order and be sure to try some local wine or one of their creative cocktails.

33rd. Rocksalt – St. Julians, Malta

This beautiful restaurant is right at the edge of the Balluta valley, with views of the Bay. The tapas menu here is interesting and seriously tasty, with plates such as black truffle arancini sitting beside wild boar sausage. The lively atmosphere and stellar chefs in the kitchen combine to make it one of the best tapas restaurants in Europe.

32nd. Donostia – London, England

Donostia takes its name from the city of San Sebastian, easily one of the best cities in the world when it comes to food. As you would expect, they serve up Basque-inspired tapas and pintxo dishes, using ingredients driven by seasonality and quality. The result? Mouthwatering plates such as anchovies with marinated piquillo peppers.

31st. Wine Not – Tallinn, Estonia

A Portuguese tapas and wine bar, Wine Not has an impressive range of wines by the glass that proves Portuguese wine is not only limited to just vinho verde. A tempting display of tapas are the perfect nibbles to go with the wine. Settle back into your bar stool and eat and drink some of the best ingredients in the city.

30th. Aragón – Brussels, Belgium

For fresh flavours that taste just as they do in Spain, this place is your best bet in Brussels. The menu focuses on fresh and seasonal products so you can be sure that the tapas are always changing and always delicious. There’s a huge range of tapas to choose from, so come with a group to try ’em all.

29th. CAVA – Sofia, Bulgaria

Wandering into this tastefully-decorated tapas shop in Sofia feels as if you’re entering a super-luxe cava bar in Barcelona, only better. On the menu? Only the best cava, wine, and tapas in all of Bulgaria. Sample Serrano ham and olives as you sip on the tastiest wine in Europe and enjoy experiencing one of the best tapas restaurants in Europe.

28th. Restaurant Thomas – Lyon, France

A monthly changing menu at this swanky French restaurant means that you’re able to sample a smattering of different flavours each time you visit. Despite the rotating cuisine, one thing’s always for sure here – the tapas are some of the best in Europe and they always pair well with a nice glass of wine.

27th. Bodeguita Romero – Seville, Spain

Looking for the best tapas in Seville? You’ll find them in the unassuming Spanish tavern named Bodeguita Romero. This traditional bar caters to finer tastes while still remaining down-to-earth, both in terms of flavour and the locale itself. Prepare your tastebuds as you’re about to devour some of the best revueltos and bacalao in all of Spain.

26th. Bairro do Avillez – Lisbon, Portugal

In what’s perhaps one of the most memorable dining experiences in Europe, Bairro do Avillez offers an array of unique options for a night out in Lisbon. Chef Avillez, one of the most renowned Portuguese chefs ever, takes to tapas as you’d expect out of any world-class chef. And, he pairs all of the delectable food with a show. Head to Beco Cabaret Gourmet for fantastic food and an enchanting cabaret show.

25th. VIDA – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sample a slice of Spain at any one of VIDA’s three Amsterdam locations. There, you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of warmth and cosiness that comes with devouring delicious Spanish tapas. And, it’s all accompanied by a wide selection of Spanish beers and wines. Ole!

24th. Lundgren VIP Bagerstræde – Copenhagen, Denmark

If premium wines, charcuterie and cheese are all your favourite parts of eating tapas, then you’re in luck. Lundgren VIP Bagerstræde serves the most tantalising array of tapas in Denmark. Quality cuts of meat, fantastic cheese, and quaint, cosy vibes all work to make this one of the best tapas restaurants in Europe.

23rd. El Gato Negro – Manchester, England

The chef at El Gato Negro in Manchester specialises in taking all of the classic Spanish flavours you find in tapas and putting a creative, modern spin on them. Past meets present and melts to form a truly unique culinary experience here, evoking the magic of Spanish cuisine in a super trendy setting.

22nd. Al Cristo – Verona, Italy

Al Cristo is one of Verona’s best-kept secrets, but not for long. This restaurant, housed inside of a marvellous 16th-century building, is a Michelin Plate restaurant for a good reason. The Basque tapas they serve at their Pintxos Bistro are simply divine, especially when accompanied with any wine off of their impressive wine menu.

21st. YOSOY Tapas Bar – Berlin, Germany

Get one foot inside the door a YOSOY Tapas Bar in Berlin and you’ll feel as if you’ve immediately been transported to a small Andalusian tavern. The tapas here are just as authentic as the decor, which means you should plan on staying a while to truly enjoy the atmosphere. One round of tapas and a fine glass of wine simply won’t be enough.

20th. Las Tapas de Lola – Dublin, Ireland

You’ll find this buzzing tapas restaurant in the heart of buzzing Wexford Street, where they serve superb sangria and tasty tapas to hungry guests all day. One of the co-owners is Spanish, which accounts for the incredibly authentic taste and rich flavours you’ll find in each of the tapas dishes here. Book ahead, as it’s always busy.

19th. Tapas Bar Miró – Prague, Czech Republic

Get ready to indulge, both in tapas and cava, as this tapas restaurant in Prague serves it all. Start by perusing the fabulous wine list and then select a few of the premium tapas to start with. Flavourful and cooked to perfection describes every tapa on the menu here.

18th. Los Huevos de Lucio – Madrid, Spain

With so many different choices for tapas in Madrid, how do you choose the right one? We suggest starting off at Los Huevos de Lucio. Their huevos estrellados are a house specialty and fan favourite. Runny eggs are nestled between fried potatoes with optional ham.

17th. Der Fuchs und die Trauben – Vienna, Austria

Modern cocktail bar meets trendy Spanish tavern at this cool tapas restaurant in Vienna. While their entire menu is internationally-inspired, it’s their delectable Spanish treats that have people clamoring for more. Try their fried Spanish Pimientos de Padron and pair it with a local IPA.

16th. La Cuina – Cardiff, Wales

La Cuina offers guests a unique, authentic Catalan food and wine experience in the heart of Wales. Here, you’ll find both modern and traditional takes on tasty Catalan food, with dishes that range from Pernil Ibèric all the way to Catalan truffade. And, the wine? It’s all sourced from Catalan micro-producers and it tastes as exclusive as it sounds.

15th. Tapas 3.0 – Salamanca, Spain

Traditionally inspired tapas pile up on the tables of Tapas 3.0, an award-winning restaurant in Salamanca. The extensive wine cellar surrounds the cosy basement setting where you can sample Spain’s most outstanding tapas and raciones. Fresh ingredients make these some of the best tapas in Europe.

14th. Bon Lio – Oslo, Norway

Few things about Bon Lio are traditional, except for the superbly authentic taste of their impressive tapas. This Spanish gastronomic kitchen is housed inside of a quaint Norweigan house, adding to the unique experience of dining here, which often feels more like a theatrical show than a meal.

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13th. Albufera – Milan, Italy

Albufera is simply perfect, and the tapas here taste as if they’ve been exported straight from Spain. The kitchen here offers a range of Spanish dishes with a modern take on cultural favourites. All of their dishes here are derived from only the freshest, in-season ingredients, adding to the explosion of flavour you feel upon devouring the tapas.

12th. Pata Negra Pest – Budapest, Hungary

A true passion for Spanish culture and gastronomy shines through in each and every one of the dishes as Pata Negra Pest. The owners spent years in Spain learning how to perfect their tapas recipes, ensuring a truly authentic experience for any guest. Here, they’re all about tantalising taste, and it’s evident in their Iberian ham, chorizo, and superb Spanish wines.

11th. Uno Mas – Dublin, Ireland

There’s no way you can try the tapas here and not ask for one more, please.  Uno Mas certainly caters to their customers, specialising in Spanish fare that feels as if it’s come straight from one of the best tapas restaurants in Madrid. Try the classics, such as their jamon croquetas and beautifully fluffy tortilla. Or, branch out and sample other Spanish delicacies, such as octopus with kale.

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10th. Dos Pebrots – Barcelona, Spain

If you find yourself in Barcelona then it’s mandatory that you ramble on over to the lesser-known Raval neighbourhood to try some of the best tapas in Europe. Dos Pebrots serves up Michelin-quality food in a non-pretentious setting, specialising in excellent-value wine and unique dishes. The roasted sweet peppers and Iberian hams are a must, but we definitely recommend exploring the other culinary delights on the menu here.

9th. La Oliva – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Inspired by Northern Spanish-style tapas, La Oliva is home to some of the best pinxtos outside of Spain. Serving up an array of regional wines and Spanish lunch dishes, this modern, rustic restaurant combines perfectly fresh ingredients with quality service to deliver a truly charming experience.

8th. Pikulece – Split, Croatia

Savour excellent flavours and a variety of meat at Pukulece in Croatia. Wander the shores of Split and then spend the evening unwinding here as you sample various wines from the menu. Watch as the chef prepares your tapas and then take them outside to enjoy a quiet evening on the cosy patio.

7th. Juuri – Helsinki, Finland

Spaniards might disagree, but sometimes it’s okay to put a modern twist on a classic dish. That’s what the chefs at Juuri do, serving up unique Finnish-style tapas that leave you with the most intricate burst of flavours in your mouth. Traditions should be honoured by updating them, and Juuri specialises in just that – the perfect combination of Finnish and Spanish flavours.

6th. Capote y Toros – London, England

Fancy a round of classic, traditional tapas in an ultra-authentic setting? Capote y Toros is the place to go. Delight in the beautiful Andalusian decor as you order round after round of tapas and sherry. The live flamenco music will help carry you into the night as you sample one of the 125 different sherries on the menu.

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5th. Boqueria – Stockholm, Sweden

Both bar and restaurant, Boqueria excels at serving delicious sangria and mouthwatering pintxos, among many other things. From classic tapas to more inspired, traditional dishes, everything here feels and tastes extremely authentic.

4th. Los Chuchis – Madrid, Spain

Tucked away in the trendy Lavapies neighbourhood is where you’ll find the best tapas in Madrid. From mouthwatering British-inspired raciones to the tantalising tapas that everybody knows and loves, Los Chuchis manages to get it right every single time.

3rd. Paco Tapas – Bristol, England

Paco Tapas is a modern tapas restaurant bringing a taste of true Andalusia to Bristol. From the sherry-shaken cocktails to the distinct flavours you’ll find in each of the dishes, this tapas restaurant is one of the best in Europe for sure. Try the Chef’s Menu for a tasteful tour of the best tapas.

2nd. Taberna da Rua das Flores – Lisbon, Portugal

Historic tapas recipes take centre stage at this trendy Lisbon spot, easily one of the best tapas restaurants in Europe. Dishes are made with whatever is fresh that day, so the menu is always exciting and new. The trendy decor might welcome you in, but the quality wine and enticing tapas are going to ensure that you stay all night long.

1st. Bar Goiz Argi – San Sebastian, Spain

When it comes to the best tapas restaurants, it’s no surprise that the No. 1 restaurant is in Spain. San Sebastian is home to the most authentic yet simple tapas in all of Europe, but the brochetas de gambas, or prawn skewers, are what leave guests craving the tapas here for long after they’re gone.

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