The 7 Best Coffee In Dallas

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Dallas

Dallas is big – like, really big – so exploring this lively city is no small feat. The only thing for it is to stock up on caffeine, so luckily there’s some great spots for rich and delicious coffee across the city.

From independent roasters to coffee stores hiding secret speakeasy bars, Dallas has some slick places to grab a cup of Joe. Here’s our pick of the very best.

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1. Houndstooth

Houndstooth takes their coffee very seriously yet still manages to be a warm and welcoming place to spend a couple hours. The staff are all experts and always happy to chat about the beans or various coffee styles. There’s three locations in Dallas, but swing by the Sylvan Thirty joint to discover the secret speakeasy bar, Jettison.

Best coffee Dallas

2. Davis Street Espresso 

This top notch coffee shop in Oak Cliff has highly knowledgeable baristas and a seriously beautiful interior. They roast their own beans so you know you’ll always be getting the freshest coffee, and they even have cute coffee bean plants in the window.

Davis Street Espresso in Dallas

3. Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

With a keen effort on sustainability and ethical coffee sourcing, this is a haven for coffee lovers. Choose from Chemex, a weekly rotating espresso blend or Nitrogen cold brews, plus more.

Their award winning Brew Better Coffee education series is all about making the home coffee experience enjoyable and accessible, so you can stop by and learn all about making the perfect coffee.

Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

4. Mudsmith 

Located in Lower Greenville, Mudsmith stands out thanks to its unique vibes. Decorated with stuffed animals and offering a large space, this coffee shop offers a variety of drinks both coffee-based and off the tap. It serves Avoca coffee, so stopping here for a quick caffeine boost is a great idea.

Mudsmith  Cafe in Dallas

5. Commissary

In the heart of downtown Dallas, Commissary is a bakery, butcher shop, gelateria, espresso bar, and market—all in one. It’s basically a European-style food market that serves fantastic coffee, to takeaway or sit in.

Grab a freshly baked pastry to go with your latte and you’ll be in caffeine heaven.

Commissary Cafe

6. State Street Coffee

A tiny counter coffee spot at Alcove wine bar might not seem like the most obvious place to get an incredible cup of coffee, but that’s exactly what makes State Street Coffee so great. Plus, the fact that it serves the outstanding Novel Coffee.

There’s a walk-up window for orders on the trot and everything from cold brews to London Fog.

State Street Coffee

7. Ascension 

With four locations in Dallas, Ascension offers a café experience that goes above and beyond the norm. It’s an Australian-style coffee shop with a European-inspired menu. Order a coffee to go or enjoy a fabulous weekend brunch in its laid-back atmosphere.

Ascension Cafe

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