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The 7 Best Food Trucks In Chicago

It’s no secret that Chicago is a mecca for foodies. World-class restaurants, down-home eateries and a serious food truck game are the cities claim to fame. If you are a looking for a food truck to enjoy some delicious Chicago street food, start with these. Here are the seven best food trucks in Chicago.

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1. Aztec Daves

Get your authentic Mexican food fix at this Chi-Town fave. At this friendly Mexican food truck, they bring the very best of their abuela’s recipes straight to you. We recommend chowing down on a few of their ‘taco Aztecs’ and tortas.

best food trucks chicago

2. The Fat Shallot

The Fat Shallot is a classic deli met with a vintage food truck. Take your pick from any of their mile-high sandwiches and crazy good sides. We recommend the ‘truffle BLT’ with their spicy sesame fries.

best food trucks chicago

3. Yum Dum Truck

Feast on the flavours of Asia at this long time chi-town gem. Whether you’re looking for Korean chilli chicken, Thai chicken basil or Taiwanese pork belly, they’ve got you covered. Be sure to save room for dessert, too. The sriracha pecan fudge brownie is the stuff of legends.

best food trucks chicago

4. Kate & Jan Hotdogs

Who does hotdogs better than Chicago? Get your fill of Chicago style hotdogs at this curbside staple. Take your pick from their beef dogs, Polish mild, Italian spicy or even German Oktoberfest style weiners. We, of course, recommend the classic Chicago style dog made with Vienna beef, dill pickles, sweet relish, onion, peppers, mustard and celery salt.

best food trucks chicago

5. Pierogi Wagon

Treat yourself to a dumpling feast at the Pierogi Wagon. At this Polish food truck, they keep things simple and authentic offering just pierogies, polish sausage and lemonades. Treat yourself to a heft order of sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi along with their cheddar and potato style.

best food trucks chicago

6. Da Pizza Dude

Da Pizza Dude serves up the very best street pizza in all of Chi-Town. Whether you’re looking for a classic pepperoni, or a meat lovers Chicago pie, they’ve got you covered. We recommend starting with their ‘pros’ made with prosciutto, arugula and parmesan.

best food trucks chicago

7. A Sweets Girl

Got a sweet tooth? Head over to A Sweets Girl food truck on Throop St. for a sugary sweet treat. At this charming bakery truck, you’ll find your favourite cupcakes like red velvet, vanilla and coconut but their speciality ones are where the gold is at. Try their ‘caramel cafe’ or ‘matcha tea’ cupcakes for a real treat.

 Try their 'caramel cafe' or 'matcha tea' cupcakes for a real treat.


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