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The 7 Best Places To Go For Anniversary Trips

Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone number of years or your first year married after a paradise honeymoon, it can be tough to figure out the best places to go for anniversary trips.

Do you go for an island getaway? A city break? It all depends on what you and your boo fancy, of course. But we’ve rounded up our top picks of anniversary getaways, from Russia to Jamaica. There’s luxury Caribbean destinations as well as ideas for cheap vacations for couples.

You’ll fall in love all over again in these romantic destinations…

The Best Places To Go For Anniversary TripsHow do these rankings work?

1. St. Lucia

Looking for places to go for an anniversary? St. Lucia has recently earned the top spot in the Caribbean for couples looking for romantic beaches and all-inclusive, secluded hotels. The variety of activities available for couples here is what makes it one of the best Caribbean destinations, we think.

Fly above St. Lucia and you’ll immediately be taken aback by how diverse the coastline is. From remote fishing villages and impressive reef-diving resorts to volcanic beaches and luxury resorts, there’s something here for everybody, even if you’re travelling alone.

2. Positano, Italy

The hillside town of Positano is a riot of sunny colours and flowers, with seaside views and a pretty pebble beach. The most popular place to visit along the Amalfi Coast, this is a place you’ll never forget. It’s ideal when it comes to places to go for anniversary trips!

Spend afternoons on your balcony, glass of wine in hand, looking out at the waves below. Your Instagram will look insane after a few days in this scenic spot.

3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Warm Southern hospitality, fresh coastal cuisine, and miles of beach make Myrtle Beach an incredible place to visit. The beach is your playground with over 60 miles of sand, sun and sparkling Atlantic Ocean, and plenty of activities for young and old.

4. Honolulu, Hawaii

Due to the terrain and location of this unique island, there’s plenty to love about this Hawaiian city. There are museums and memorials for those who like to learn about history and culture. And of course, there are some fantastic beaches to just chill on or catch some surfing waves.

Plus, poke? Yes, please.

The 7 Best Instagrammable Honolulu

5. St. Petersburg, Russia

St.Petersburg is Russia’s second biggest city by population. From interesting museums to grand architecture including cathedrals, there are different things to do in St.Petersburg that will amaze you.

Many call St Petersburg the “Cultural Capital” of Russia – with so much beautiful architecture, art and open spaces there are plenty of wonderful opportunities for exploring.

places to go for anniversary

6. Bali, Indonesia

The Indonesian island of Bali has long been a huge draw on the travel route, for everybody from surfers and backpackers through to honeymooners and luxury travellers.

It’s the paradise island that has something for everybody.  There’s terraced rice fields, pristine beaches, world-class surf spots and historical temples.  Add in a buzzing food and drink scene and it’s easy to see why Bali is one of the best islands in Asia.

places to go for anniversary

7. Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica is an island of vivid landscapes, rainforests, golden beaches and a laid-back vibe that will make you instantly fall in love with it.  Meet friendly people, try amazing food and watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea to the sound of slow reggae rhythms.

Sounds like paradise? That’s because it is. Go on rum tasting tours and lounge on the white sand.

places to go for anniversary

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