restaurants for Valentine's Day Edinburgh

The 7 Best Restaurants For Valentine’s Day In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of those timeless romantic cities that is perfect for everyone. While great to visit year-round, it’s charming old town, and magical Edinburgh Castle makes it a hotspot for couples. If you’re looking for the perfect restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh, we’ve got you covered.

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1. The Honours

First up on the list is The Honours. This luxurious brasserie is the perfect marriage of French and Scottish cuisine. It’s as delicious and hearty as it is refined and elegant, making it an ideal spot for lovebirds on Valentine’s Day.

restaurants for Valentine's Day Edinburgh

2. La Garrigue

Let’s be honest, does anyone do romance better than the French? What better way to celebrate the day of love than at the dreamy La Garrigue? This charming French bistro nails a  romantic vibe with its artisanal decors and warm, friendly atmosphere.

restaurants for Valentine's Day Edinburgh

3. Aizle

At Aizle, you can sit back and enjoy your date while not fretting over the menu. This restaurant is 100% seasonal and crafts a unique five-course meal based on what’s available to them. Enjoy the night over champagne as you are served with some of Edinburgh’s best flavours.

restaurants for Valentine's Day Edinburgh

4. The Witchery

Luxurious and elaborate gothic decor set in a 16th-century building make The Witchery an interesting and atmospheric Valentine’s pick. Furthermore, its right next to Edinburgh Castle, making it a perfect choice after a romantic walk along the Royal Mile.

restaurants for Valentine's Day Edinburgh

5. Ship On The Shore

This seafood eatery is hailed as the best seafood restaurant in Edinburgh. Elegant, yet understated, it’s an excellent choice for those looking to chow down on some delicious seafood and drink the night away.

restaurants for Valentine's Day Edinburgh

6. Monteiths

This eatery/cocktail bar is right off of the Royal Mile and a perfect pick for those looking for a relaxing evening. It’s chic and rustic atmosphere will transport you to another world as you laugh over their delicious lobster and oysters.

restaurants for Valentine's Day Edinburgh

7. Rhubarb

Last but not least is our favourite on the list. This 17th-century manor is an absolute must for anyone looking to wow their date for Valentine’s Day. Rhubarb is famous for it’s fine locally sourced cuisine and warm romantic atmosphere. The candlelit tables and dripping chandelier give the restaurant an intimate and dreamy setting.

restaurants for Valentine's Day Edinburgh

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