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The 7 Best Street Food Cities In The World

Street food is an essential part of experiencing the country and culture. When it comes to street food,  each city has its own specialty. From Pani Puri in Mumbai to Pad Thai in Bangkok, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating in the best street food cities in the world.

CEOWORLD magazine has ranked 50 cities from around the world to reveal the best cities for street food-obsessed travellers. There’s hundreds of regional dishes in the following cities that you simply have to try when in the country.

Use common sense and buy from vendors who are cooking things fresh to order and you should be just fine.

The best street food cities in the worldHow do these rankings work?

1. Singapore

Best street food dish to try: Chow down on the best bowl of Bak Chor Mee (literally minced meat and noodles) at 58 Minced Meat Noodle stall. This is a classic street food dish in Singapore. This family-run stall does the best bowl in the city.

It’s topped with liver, a mix of sliced black mushrooms and chopped canned mushrooms.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Best street food dish to try: Som tam (papaya salad) is a common street food dish you’ll find all over Thailand and is a must-try in Bangkok. It’s made with green papaya, dried shrimps, peanuts and palm sugar and fish sauce and is very refreshing.

3. Hong Kong

Best street food dish to try: Curry fish balls are the most iconic Hong Kong street snack. The golden balls come on a skewer and are a favourite bite to eat in the city. They deep-fry fish balls in hot oil and then boil them in a delicious and spicy curry sauce.

Hong Kong is easily one of the best street food cities in the world.

best street food cities

4. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Best street food dish to try: All bow down to the mighty bánh mì. You’ll see banh mi stalls over the country, serving this simple-yet-delicious sandwich. This is where the French influence comes into play: it’s a soft, fresh baguette, with pate, pork, fresh herbs, pickle carrots and chilli.

best street food cities

5. Mumbai, India

Best street food dish to try: Aloo chaat is one of the most popular street foods in India, with potatoes, sweet sour spicy chutneys & sev (crispy fried rice noodle pieces). It’s one dish you’ll see in pretty much every city in India. It’s perfect for any time of day and is super delicious.

Image: Honey What’s Cooking

6. Rome, Italy

Best street food dish to try: Trapizzino! This tasty street food snack is basically pizza that you eat on the go. Fresh dough is folded over into a pocket and filled with fresh toppings and plenty of cheese.

This is becoming a very popular street food dish in Rome, so you’ll see lots of vendors selling it.

best street food cities

7. Tel Aviv, Israel

Best street food dish to try: Israel’s most famous street food has to be falafel. It’s  deep-fried balls made from chickpeas, spices, and herbs, in a pitta or salad platter. You’ll find it all across the city, from restaurants to market stalls.

The fresh flavours of the herbs in the falafel with crunchy vegetables makes it a refreshing dish.

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