the best hikes in Germany

The 7 Best Walks & Hikes In Germany

These are the walks and hikes in Germany that are so scenic you could plan an entire holiday around them. In fact, you should plan an entire holiday around them.

It’s time to ditch the car and get out on foot and really enjoy the local landscape. Breath in the fresh air and enjoy the spectacular scenery that Germany has to offer. From mountain hikes to stroll through the famous Black Forest, this is a country made for adventurers.

Best Walks and Hikes in GermanyHow do these rankings work?

1. Goethe’s Path – Ilmenau

Why is it special? The perfect balance between local German culture and nature, all within a hike that is perfect for a one day activity. European walks don’t get much better than this.

Is it difficult? Medium to hard.

How long does it take? 20km so the best part of a full day.

2. Westweg Trail – Black Forest

Why is it special? It’s in one of the great European forests and the source of the Danube. There’s lots of great scenery as well as food and drink spots along the way.

Is it difficult? Medium. There are some steep ascents.

How long does it take? At 285km you can choose to do the whole thing, or pick smaller pieces of the walk. So it really is up to you. The entire route takes between 13-14 days.

3. Painter’s Way – Saxon Switzerland, Dresden

Why is it special? The Malerweg trail translates to ‘Painter’s Way’ because of the inspiring scenery along the route. You’ll pass through mystical valleys and visit picturesque towns and villages.

Is it difficult? There are some narrow caves to pass through, but it’s a medium.

How long does it take? The full route is 112km, but you can break this into eight daily walks.

4. King’s House Hike – Bavaria

Why is it special? Hike up along a mountain path to reach the legendary Königshaus am Schachen (King’s House in Schachen). This rustic palace was built by the King of Bavaria in 1872 and it’s beautiful.

Is it difficult? Pretty easy! It’s family-friendly and suitable for most levels of fitness.

How long does it take? It’s 10km uphill, and takes three and a half to four hours.

5. Herzogstand to Heimgarten – Bavaria

Why is it special? Not for the fainthearted (you can see the path crumbling away on either side!) but on a clear day you can see all the way to Munich.

Is it difficult? It’s a moderate mountain hike, but take care on the ridge between Heimgarten and Herzogstand.

How long does it take? It’s 13.6km, so about 6 hours.

the best hikes in Germany

6. The Rheinsteig Trail – Bonn

Why is it special? Voted the best long-distance hike in the country, it follows the Rhine river, beginning in Bonn and ending in Wiesbaden.

Is it difficult? It’s a moderate walk. Plus, since almost every town or village in the Rhine valley has a railway station, you can travel between the different stages.

How long does it take? It is 320km to do the whole trail, so about 18-21 days if fit.

the best hikes in Germany

7. Wasserfallsteig – Black Forest

Why is it special? This is one of the best hikes in Germany for waterfall views, pretty meadows and picnic spots.

Is it difficult? No, it’s a leisurely hike.

How long does it take? It’s 11km so will take you just over three hours.

the best hikes in Germany

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