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The 7 Cheapest Cities To Visit In The USA

Travelling around America on a budget? These are the cheapest cities in the USA, based on Price of Travel’s Backpacker Index. It calculates costs based on the best budget sleeping, sightseeing, eating, drinking and public transport options available in each city.

While main hotspots like New York and San Francisco can be notoriously expensive, there’s so many beautiful cities to see where your cash will go that bit further.

The Cheapest Cities to Visit in the USAHow do these rankings work?

1. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Average daily cost on a budget: $59.68

If you’ve always wanted to enjoy the beach minus the sweltering crowds, you definitely need to come to Virginia Beach. While you could lay on the beach all day, you could also explore this city. Stroll along the iconic three-mile oceanfront boardwalk – you can get around the area easily.

Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum


2. Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Average daily cost on a budget: $72.08

Albuquerque is New Mexico’s largest city. It’s teeming with plenty to do for eager tourists looking to enjoy the local Spanish colonial architecture. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest cities in the USA. There’s charming casitas, Native American culture and a droolworthy Mexican-Southwestern food scene.

Albuquerque Things to do


3. Williamsburg, Virginia

Average daily cost on a budget: $89.93

Williamsburg played a significant role in the American Revolution. Today, you can stroll around the historic town and soak it all up. There’s award-winning restaurants, living-history museums, biking and hiking. It’s laid back but beautiful.

cheapest cities USA


4. Rapid City, South Dakota

Average daily cost on a budget: $92.81

Rapid City is best known for its proximity to national parks and enormous mountain carvings, including Mount Rushmore just 40 km away. But the city also has a fantastic foodie and brewing scene as well as Native American arts and culture. You won’t be bored here, even if on a budget.

cheapest cities USA

5. Saint Augustine, Florida

Average daily cost on a budget: $94.39

St. Augustine is more commonly called the “Nation’s Oldest City. Don’t forget to walk through bustling St. George Street and the historic downtown district. You can also stroll through the Colonial Quarter to find out what local life was like hundreds of years ago.

cheapest cities USA

6. Dallas, Texas

Average daily cost on a budget: $102. 87

Dallas is a city that has always been at the forefront of American life, and is a real cultural hub in Northern Texas.

Whether you’re here to get a taste of Dallas or experience the nostalgia of the old west, this huge city is a unique mix of old and new. With funky outdoor parks above a highway, a boozy Margarita trail and the famous cowboys, this is Texas times 100.

Dallas Tourist Guides

7. San Antonio, Texas

Average daily cost on a budget: $105.69

San Antonio is a city bursting with history, culture and a keen Texas pride. There’s beautiful parks and green spaces, festive seasonal events, local shopping, dining and drinking and so much more to experience here. It’s a city that never lets you down. Bonus points that it’s one of the cheapest cities in the USA.

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