Family-Friendly Cities Europe

The 7 Most Family-Friendly Cities To Visit In Europe

Looking for fun places to go with kids in Europe? Disneyland Paris might be tempting, but if it’s a vacation that you want the *whole* family to enjoy (aka you!), then consider a city break in one of these family-friendly cities.

The great thing about Europe is how easy it is to travel around, so you could visit two or more of these top family spots in the one vacation. Whether you rent a car or take the train, travelling with kids is simple here.

From delicious foodie cities with lots of kid-friendly eats to summer festivals, there’s plenty of places to enjoy a family holiday.

Here’s our top picks of the best places to visit in Europe with kids…

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1. London, England

London is one of the most fascinating and diverse cities in Europe. Amazing culture, history, and people all live here and make it incredibly exciting in the many things to do in London. Art galleries, pop-up bars and historical monuments are everywhere.

What the kids will love: The Natural History Museum,  Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios Tour, picnics in the park and the Torture Tower at the Tower of London.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This charming 17th-century canal-covered city has heaps of interesting sights that will keep you busy for an entire weekend, or even longer. Forget about cliched images of smoke shops and gaudy red lights… This is one of the coolest cities in Europe. Kids will find plenty of fun things to do here.

What the kids will love: NEMO Science Museum for budding young scientists, the colourful flower markets on the canals or a Blue Boat Pirate Cruise.

3. Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s capital city is small and easy to navigate, with an exciting independent food and drink scene. There’s plenty of historical sites and museums. Plus, incredible seaside spots and mountains just a short trip outside of the city centre.

What the kids will love: The Natural History Museum, aka the ‘Dead Zoo’, the baby animals at Dublin Zoo, farm walks at Airfield Estate or Imaginosity! Museum.

4. Madrid, Spain

The sunniest city in Europe, Madrid has over 300 sunshine-filled days a year, making it ideal for a family city break in Europe. Grand architecture, huge parks and an insanely cool food scene make Madrid a top spot to visit. Modern art museums, iconic football stadiums or local food markets? There’s something here for everyone.

What the kids will love: Statue Performers at Puerta del Sol, feasting on chocolatey churros, Natural Science Museum and the Tropical Garden at Atocha Train Station.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

With the historic Edinburgh castle looming over the city, culture in spades and wonderfully friendly locals, this is one of the world’s greatest city breaks. Wander through charming windy streets, explore the castle and drink local whisky. Be sure to climb Arthur’s Seat to see Edinburgh in all its glory.

What the kids will love: World of Illusions, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Castle.

Family-Friendly Cities Europe

6. Munich, Germany 

Munich perhaps may be best known for their annual Oktoberfest celebrations where endless amounts of beers are consumed. Yet, there is so much more this historic city is known for than just beer. From beautiful architecture to museums, there are just so many things to do in Munich.

What the kids will love: The city’s famous Toy Museum or Kid’s Kingdom with 1,000 kid-friendly activities. You can also paddle in a boat in the English Garden.

Family-Friendly Cities Europe

7. Berlin, Germany

Arguably the coolest city in Europe (where else would you find techno-playing spas and abandoned amusement parks?). This fun city has graffiti on every corner and has turned into one of Europe’s coolest destinations since the fall of the Berlin Wall in ’89. It’s also one of the most family-friendly cities in Europe.

What the kids will love: Berlin aquarium, LegoLand Discovery Centre, Berlin Zoo or a trampoline park: JUMPhouse.

Family-Friendly Cities Europe


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