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The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Sacramento

You may not know it, but Sacramento is actually a really photogenic city with lots of great things to see. You’ll make your followers happy as there are heaps of hip Instagrammable places in Sacramento.

Check out the seven best places to get some snaps for your ‘Gram in Sacramento.

The most Instagrammable spots in SacramentoHow do these rankings work?

1. LowBrau

LowBrau has one of the best burgers in Sacramento but they also have an amazing Insta-worthy restaurant. The exposed brick, the plants, and the rock and stone bar, all make the details of this restaurant an amazing place to take pictures.

Grab a burger. Grab a beer. And grab yourself some shots for your ‘Gram while you’re here.

LowBrau Sacramento

2. Temple Coffee

One of Sacramento’s favourite coffee shops is also an Instagrammer’s dream cafe. The beautiful interior is made possible by long wooden beams inside the cafe with plenty of plants, tall ceilings, and large windows to let the light in.

Overall, just a pleasant place to be in and calls for a few shots for your Instagram.

Temple Coffee Sacramento

3. Crocker Art Museum

Another gem for your Instagram is the Crocker Art Museum. At this museum, you can take snaps of the historic mansion galleries as long as you don’t have flash on your camera!

Wear white and look for the Rapunzel No. 10 here. An epic collection of flowers on the wall of a stairwell. Insta-worthy for sure.

Crocker Art Museum

4. McKinley Rose Garden

You know you’re going to get some great shots when you go to a rose garden and at McKinley’s, you’ll get that and more. It is one of the most Instagrammed spots in all of Sacramento and has over 1,200 rose bushes for you to choose from!

Wear your Sunday best for your Insta-shoot at this rose garden.

McKinley Rose Garden Sacramento

5. Sweet Dream Mural

The Sweet Dream Mural gives you a glimpse into Sacramento’s past and is an awesome spot for an Insta-shot or two. It was made in 1998 and depicts a boy waving goodbye to the historic Alhambra Theatre, whose space is now a Safeway today.

Definitely one of the more memorable places to take a shot for your ‘Gram is of this beautiful mural.

Sweet Dream Mural Sacramento

6. Splash Mural

Speaking of beautiful murals, one cannot get any more creative than the Splash Mural. An explosion of rainbow colours look to be bursting out of this wall at crashing down below but it is just all an illusion.

Bring your umbrellas and raincoats and have some fun with posing underneath the Splash Mural!

Splash Mural Sacramento

7. Field and Pond

Field and Pond is one of Sacramento’s best spots for weddings and receptions for its naturally farm-like beauty. It reaches across 80 acres of land and features a rustic vintage vibe.

Best time to come here for some epic snaps is when the sun is beginning to set.

Field and Pond

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