Angkor Wat Siem Reap

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Siem Reap

Known as a popular city on the backpacking route, Siem Reap is also the link to the world wonder, Angkor Wat temple. While it does boast one of the world’s treasures, there are also lots of other temples and great things to check out that make for Instagrammable places in Siem Reap.

Here are the seven most Instagrammable spots in Siem Reap.

The most Instagrammable places in Siem ReapHow do these rankings work?

1. Angkor Wat

Let’s be real, you can’t come to Siem Reap and not go check out Angkor Wat. This temple is the largest religious complex in the world and there are endless areas here to take Insta-worthy photos.

The most epic shot here however is directly in front of Mirrow Pond as you’ll be able to catch your reflection. Be warned, it can get extremely crowded here with other picture-taking tourists.

Angkor Wat Siem Reap

2. Ta Prohm Temple

Another excellent temple but not nearly as well known as Angkor Wat is Ta Prohm Temple. Parts of the Tomb Raider movie was filmed here and if you can recall the movie, you’ll know that there are some sick spots for photos here.

A good suggestion would be to make it here first thing in the morning to take your pictures as it can also get quite busy here with tourists.

Ta Prohm Temple Siem Reap

3. Bayon Temple

While Angkor Wat may be the crown jewel of temples in Cambodia, no other temple can match the natural beauty of Bayon Temple. The signature piece of this temple are the large stone faces that surround this temple.

Play around with the shot that you want with these closed-eyed stone structures!

Bayon Temple

4. Shop at the Old Market

Back in Siem Reap and away from all the temples, come take some cool shots of Siem Reap’s Old Market. Known as Psah Chas, this market has a bit of everything for your photo-taking needs and you can get some terrific candid shots of the citizens of Siem Reap as they live their daily lives.

The Old Market is great for capturing candid portraits of the wonderful people that make up this friendly resort town.

Old Market Siem Reap

5. Check Out Pub Street

After busily snapping your way through all those temples, it’s time to snap something else at night for your ‘Gram. Hit up Pub Street in Siem Reap for some bright lights and dirt cheap beers.

There a bunch of Insta-opportunities for you from all of the brightly lit, neon signs everywhere so definitely snap a few pics of those.

Pub Street Siem Reap

6. Ta Keo Temple

The last temple on our list (we swear!) is the Ta Keo Temple. This temple is worthy of a shot on your Instagram thanks to the long and steep staircases on all four sides of this temple. It ends up leading to a platform where there are five prasats which is also an Instagrammable spot as well.

Whether you snap a picture at the bottom of the staircase looking up or while you’ve made the climb to the top, you’re sure to get a few fantastic snaps.

Ta Keo Temple

7. Fish Spa Pedicure

As weird as it might be, a common thing in Siem Reap are the fish spas here. At these “spas,” you dunk your feet into a tub of water filled with these fish. The fish then crawl and stick to your feet and devour all that dead skin on your feet.

Gross? Yes. Insta-worthy stuff? Hell yes!

Fish Spa Pedicure Siem Reap
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