Date Night Restaurants In Ljubljana

The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Ljubljana

The Slovenian dining scene exploded on a global scale a couple of years ago when travellers caught wind of the fact that the World’s Best Female Chef award went to Ana Roš in 2017. 

You might have also seen her featured on an episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table, which is where many visitors seemed to catch on to the fact that Slovenia is a country filled with a rich culinary culture. And, we might add, the capital city has taken that culture and turned itself into one of the most romantic spots in all of Europe.

When you think of the most romantic restaurants in Europe you might tend to think of Paris, London, or even Barcelona. However, the most romantic restaurants in Ljubljana can compete with the very best of the best.

Most Romantic Restaurants In LjubljanaHow do these rankings work?

1. Gostilna Pri Kolovratu

Set inside one of the oldest guesthouses in Ljubljana, this charming restaurant has long been a gathering place for poets, writers, and artists. Today, it’s one of the most romantic restaurants in Ljubljana, offering a delightful mix of traditional dishes from Ljubljana and all over Slovenia. Romantic couples will enjoy the rich history along with the tasty culinary traditions behind each dish.

Most Romantic Restaurants In Ljubljana

2. Marley & Me

Featuring the same name of what is quite possibly one of the saddest movies in history, Marley & Me is anything but sad and sombre. The bistro-like setting evokes feelings of Western European wine bars. The lights are dim and the rustic charm oozes from the walls. Whether it’s for date night or a special anniversary, you’ll love spending the evening here with the one you love.

Most Romantic Restaurants In Ljubljana

3. Strelec

If you plan on visiting the iconic Ljubljana Castle while you’re in Slovenia then you might as well plan to spend a romantic evening dining at the on-site restaurant, Strelec. There are many things that make this one of the most romantic restaurants in Ljubljana, namely the intriguing decor and the well-crafted menu. Expect world-class food served in style, designed to showcase all of the best in Slovene cuisine.

Date Night Restaurants In Ljubljana


At CUBO the philosophy is that good food is always accompanied by good wine. So, they’ve chosen to select almost 300 different world-class wines from the wine world to accompany their menu; there’s a wine for every dish and every taste. Dine in true elegance and relax into your surroundings as you enjoy one of the most romantic date nights you’ve ever had.

5. Hiša Kulinarike Manna

Manna is tucked away on a quaint, quiet street inside of an equally quaint and quiet house. It’s this kind of authentic charm that lends way to it being one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. The delectable, modern Slovene cuisine is accompanied by delicate touches of unique decor that tie the experience together. Indulge in a glass of wine and get lost in the eyes of whoever you’re with.

6. Julija

According to Julija, the restaurant is intended for lovers of good food and quality vibes. A charming downtown setting ensures it’s likely close to wherever you’re staying. And, the relaxing outdoor patio area makes a great spot for a romantic dinner for two. Treat yourselves to a nice meal before heading off and exploring the local nightlife.

7. Valvas’or

If you equate decadence with romance then there’s no restaurant more romantic in Ljubljana than Valvas’or. Old and new harmoniously unite to create the restaurant’s unique image, which shines under the spotlight of superb cuisine. The golden walls create private spaces in which starry-eyed couples can enjoy an intimate evening together.

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