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The 7 Safest Countries In Europe

Curious about where you’ll find the safest countries in Europe? Global Finance magazine has put together a list of 128 countries across the world, ranked from safest to least safest.

Their safety index factors in risks of natural disaster with crime, terrorism and war.

So which countries are safe, and which are not? The safety score for countries equally weighs each of the three factors: war and peace, personal security, and natural disaster risk. 16 of the top 20 safest countries are in Europe. Only Qatar, Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada rank in the top 20 without being in Europe!

Now look, we’re not saying that this is the definitive list of where’s safe to travel right now. Use your common sense, keep up with current news and weather warnings and you’ll be just fine in most places.

The Safest Countries in Europe

1. Iceland

Iceland is a very safe country. The greatest threats to visitors are natural hazards due to the rapid change in weather and nature.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland is in the top 10 of the safest countries on the planet. Violent crime is very rare in the country.

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3. Finland

The murder rate here is very low –  last year only 70 murders did occur in Finland. Sexual assaults do occur, but their numbers are significantly lower than reported anywhere else in Europe.

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4. Portugal

Portugal is one of the safest European countries. Crimes rates are very low and often concern a few isolated neighbourhoods.

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5. Austria

Austria is a safe place to visit as long as you use common sense and take precautions. Be vigilant to possible threats, but Austria has one of the lowest levels of serious crimes in the world.

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6. Norway

The greatest danger in Norway comes from its harsh environmental conditions, especially during winter and in the northern part. Tourists die every year hiking in the mountains or on the sea because of a lack of experience or equipment.

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7. Denmark

Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries on earth. It’s seen as being a benchmark state for benchmark civilisation with free speech and progressive social policies.

As for the most dangerous countries in the world? The Philippines is least safe while Yemen is second least safe. This is because the Philippines has poor scores in peace, security, and lots of natural disasters. Yemen’s terrible score is due to war and famine but the country has a very low risk of natural disaster.

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