things to do self isolation outdoors

7 Things To Do In Self-Isolation For Lovers Of The Outdoors

If, like a lot of the world right now, you’re cooped up in quarantine, you’re probably getting pretty bored of Netflix and chilling. The novelty has worn off, and we for one can’t wait to socialise and enjoy our cities once more. But it’s important that we #flattenthecurve, so stay safe, and stay indoors! There’s plenty of things to do in self-isolation for outdoors’ lovers, from ‘camping’ to adventure planning.

Here’s some of our top suggestions…

Things To Do In Self-Isolation For Lovers of The Outdoors

1. Make a ‘Campfire’ Meal

If you have a back garden, then get a simple firepit going, such as a disposable BBQ kit. You can make all sorts of delicious camping recipes, such as corn on the cobs or scramble egg hash. Don’t have an outdoor area? Snuggle in with some S’mores that you can make in oven with this great recipe.

2. Get an Indoor Vegetable Planter

If you miss the green, lush outdoors, then why not bring the outside in? You can order some affordable indoor planters online and plant your own vegetables (hopefully they will see the sunlight soon!). You can help your veggies along with grow lights. There’s lots you can plant indoors, from scallions to salad greens and peppers.

3. Go Camping in Your Backyard or Living Room

Set up a tent or fort in your backyard or living room for a cosy camping experience. Pack snacks and tell campfire stories as if you were actually camping for real. Plus, you’ll be right next to a hot shower and food in the fridge!

4. Watch an Adventure Travel Movie

The next best thing to exploring the world? Immersing yourself in an inspiration travel movie. From wilderness explorations to iconic motorbike routes, we’ve rounded up the best travel movies to watch here. 

5. Go for a Walk or Cycle In a Quiet Area

Most cities – even if a severe lockdown – are still allowing citizens to go out for fresh air and exercise outdoors. Make sure to pick a remote area where you can be sure of staying at least 2 metres away from other people. Now is the perfect time to do that seaside stroll or mountain hike you’ve had on your to-do list.

things to do self isolation outdoors

6. Start Birdwatching

Okay okay, we know, this might not sound like one of the most exciting things to do in self isolation that’s ‘outdoors’. But birdwatching is actually a really cute pastime to add to your routine. How many swallows did you see this morning compared to yesterday? Look online for common birds in your area and keep an eye out for them, getting a bird feeding table for your garden if you can.

things to do self isolation outdoors

7. Plan Your Next Getaway

Now is a good time to start thinking about where you’ve always wanted to visit. Has Morocco been on your bucket list since like, forever? Do you dream about Route 66? While it’s probably not wise to actually book a future trip just yet with travel restrictions still uncertain, you can certainly research new and exciting places to visit.

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