Turkish dishes

7 Turkish Dishes You Have To Try

Turkish dishes are among some of the tastiest foods imaginable with the cuisine spreading to every corner of the world. From tasty grilled meats and salads to wonderful sweat treats, this is food of the very highest order.

These aren’t just any recipes either, as they come from the world’s top bloggers. The best of the best. Make sure to follow their blogs and bookmark these wonderful Turkish dishes once you make them.

Turkey really is a wonderful country packed full of culture, history and great food. You might not be able to visit right now, but you can get the apron on and start cooking up some of these classics!

The Best Turkish dishes

1. Turkish Beef Gozleme

These are incredibly easy to make and are definitely drool-worthy! Not only are these keto and low-carb but also nut-free!

Recipe created by Martina.

2. Turkish Cilbir

Cilbir is a really really simple dish but so effective. It is a lovely dish to have on cold mornings because despite the cool yoghurt, it feels like a warm hug inside.

Recipe created by Safira.

3. Turkish Simit Bread

Simit is a delicious sesame-bathed, circular bread sold in bakeries and street carts all over Turkey, available any time and almost anywhere.

Recipe created by Christina.

4. Turkish Borek With Spinach And Feta

Borek is a delicious and savoury pastry treat filled with creamy cheese and spinach. In the Middle East and Balkan countries, borek can be filled with anything, but most traditionally it is a creamy cheese similar to feta and spinach.

Recipe created by Elena.

5. Acili Ezme – Spicy Turkish Salsa

Acili Ezme is the healthy, spicy sauce that’s been missing from your life. Filled with veggies this Turkish Salsa is the best dip or sauce, as well as a given on any meze platter.

Recipe created by Emmeline.

Turkish dishes

6. Chicken Kofta Kebab

Köfte (or kofta) is a family of meatball or meatloaf dishes found in the Indian subcontinent, South Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Central Asian cuisines. In the simplest form, koftas consist of balls of minced or ground meat—usually beef, chicken or lamb—mixed with spices and/or onions.

Recipe created by Benim.

Turkish dishes

7. Piyaz (Turkish Bean Salad)

This white bean salad, much like an Italian cannellini bean salad, is creamy and packed full of goodness.

Recipe created by Lee.

Turkish dishes


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