Turkish Restaurants In Germany

The 25 Best Turkish Restaurants In Germany

Germany is home to some of Europe’s best Turkish food outside of, well, Turkey. Throughout the country, you’ll find that every street has a plethora of kebab joints and there is no shortage of flickering kebab signs. With so many great choices, narrowing it down can be difficult. That’s why we took the guesswork out of it for you and put together a list of the 25 best Turkish restaurants in Germany. Get your doner and baklava fix at any of these delicious picks.

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1. İkram Ocakbaşı – Leipzig

Head to İkram Ocakbaşı for some of the best Turkish and Mediterranean fare in the country. Here you’ll find amazingly juicy doner along with expertly spiced savoury meat platters and tasty desserts. This Turkish favourite values flavour and tradition overall.

2. Köz Urfa – Hamburg

This always busy, bright and cheery Turkish joint is a Hamburg staple. Since 2003 they’ve been serving some of the best Turkish food around with favourites like lachmacun and of course, doner. Their attention to detail and love for authentic Turkish cuisine is obvious in the presentation of their food and warm atmosphere.

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3. Tugra – Berlin

Enjoy a delicious Turkish feast at Berlin gem, Tugra. Here you’ll find delectable Turkish fare with a luxurious twist. Everything down to the wine selection, table cloth and glassware prioritizes service overall.

Turkish restaurants in Berlin

4. Osmans Töchter – Berlin

Head to Osmans for high quality, fresh and flavourful Turkish cuisine. Their atmosphere is inviting and cosy and the wine list says ‘stay awhile’. Take your pick from any of their classic dishes and be sure to try their famous kofta.

Turkish restaurants in Berlin

5. Altin Dilim – Munich

Altin Dilim is the perfect place for fast quality Turkish bites. Choose from any of their crow favourite doner and then enjoy a deliciously moist slice of baklava. One of the best Turkish restaurants in Germany? No doubt about it.

6. Artistanbul Restaurant Innenstadt – Cologne

Quirky, charming and inviting are just three words to describe Cologne’s Artistanbul. As the name suggests, it’s artsy and eccentric. In addition to a unique atmosphere, they serve some of the best Turkish dishes around.

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7. Restaurant Aspendos – Stuttgart

Treat yourself to a high-quality Turkish dining experience at Restaurant Aspendos. Considered one of Germany’s finest restaurants, you’ll find classic Turkish dishes served with style and class. Sit back and relax as attentive staff provides you with delicious spiced meat, savoury yoghurts, salads and more.

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8. SABO Restaurant – Dusseldorf

SABO is the go-to place for mouth-watering Turkish food. It’s welcoming, ambient and most of all focuses on high-quality dishes and wine. In many ways, SABO is a gastronomic legend that brings together fresh authentic Turkish flavours in a homey yet sophisticated setting.

Enjoy one of their many wine selections alongside a hearty plate of sac kavurma followed by an unforgettable kazandibi for dessert.

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9. Doyum – Berlin

If kebabs are your thing, you won’t want to miss out on Berlin’s Doyum. Thick meat is seasoned to perfection before being expertly grilled over charcoals creating the iconic smokey flavour. Home to a variety of meat options, kebabs are what they do best. Be sure to chow down on their famous Turkish classics, adana or iskender.

10. La Turka – Essen

La Turka checks all the boxes when it comes to a good place to eat. Diverse menu, cosy setting, attentive staff and of course, killer food. Take your pick from any of their authentic Turkish offerings and relax in their inviting atmosphere.

11. Anfora – Dusseldorf

If you find yourself in Dusseldorf, stopping by Anfora is an absolute must. Enjoy a delicious meat platter or chose from one of their seafood options. Either way, be sure to order a glass of wine from their extensive list to go with your food.

12. Fes – Berlin

At Fes they combine all of the very best of Turkish BBQ into one incredible eatery. Their modern grills concept provides everything we loved about smoked Turkish meat. Perfectly salted and seasoned, always juicy and impossible to forget.

13. Restaurant Marmaris – Duisberg

If you’re looking for cosy, authentic Turkish dining, look no further than Restaurant Marmaris. Here they serve all the Turkish faves in a unique setting. Be sure to check out the mural on the wall in the dining room or opt for a peaceful view on the balcony.

14. – Hasir – Berlin

Hasir is known for being sophisticated without being pretentious and cosy without being too laid back. It is the perfect Turkish dining choice when in Berlin. Chow down on any one of their tasty meat platters and be sure to save room for dessert.

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15. Alla Turca – Nuremberg

This unassuming Nuremberg favourite is a must when visiting. Known for their simplicity, friendly service and excellent Turkish fare, you can’t go wrong with Alla Turca. If available, ask for a seat on the balcony garden.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany
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16. Öz Samsun – Berlin

Enjoy a delicious night of Turkish cuisine with any one of Öz Samsun’s delicious meat and vegetarian options. Along with being affordable, their menu is as diverse as it is delicious. This is the perfect spot to try all of your Turkish favourites served high quality at a low cost.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

17. Tadim Ocakbasi – Berlin

Another local favourite of Belin is Tadim Ocakbasi. It’s small and cosy interior gives it a homey cafe vibe not to mention the food. In a city full of great kebab joints, Tadim Ocakbasi is a step above the rest.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

18. Keko – Munich

Keko takes delicious Turkish food and wine to the next level with world class service and stellar flavours. Their atmosphere is romantic and intimate while the wine and food will transport you to Istanbul. Don’t leave without a glass of their red.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

19. Osmanya – Berlin

Osmanya is a favourite among local Turks, Germans and tourists alike. Serving up some of the best Turkish food in the city, they are famous for their meat dishes and dolma. Depending on what you order, try to pair the Turkish sauvignon blanc with an app or dessert. It’s unforgettable.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

20. Bühne Restaurant – Bonn

Located right across from the opera in a central area, Bühne is perfect for an after-show dinner or mid-day lunch. Spoil yourself with one of their 6 entree options and be sure to enjoy any of their liver or lamb options.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

21. Restaurant Merhaba – Munich

Turkish for ‘Hello’, Merhaba gets meet-greet-and-seat right with attentive service and an inviting atmosphere. Their claim to fame are their lamb and vegetable dishes that are sure to leave your mouth watering. On occasion, they add to the already great atmosphere with live music.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

22. Yüksel Restaurant – Dortmund

Sink your teeth into some drool-worthy Turkish food at this Dortmund favourite. At Yüksel, they take flavour very seriously. Everything from hummus to donner to baklava is done with authenticity and care meaning you get a delicious and hearty meal every time.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

23. Don Kichot – Leipzig

Quiant, cosy and very veggie friendly are just a few words to describe this Turkish gem. If you’re in the mood for Turkish food that is as healthy as it is delicious, Don Kichot is the place for you. Feast on any of their vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous and lactose-free options.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

24. Sümela – Frankfurt

Hefty portions, fresh foods and a diverse menu of authentic Turkish dishes are what make Sümela a Frankfurt fave. Grab a seat and chow down on their grill items with traditional Turkish mezze.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

25. Ocakbasi – Dresden

Delight your tastebuds at Ocakbasi in Dresden. The no-frills atmosphere and to the point menu means the time and effort is all placed on ensuring your meal is delicious. At Ocakbasi, they prioritise flavour and authenticity over everything else. Come hungry and be ready to order seconds.

Turkish Restaurants In Germany

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