Expectation Vs. Reality: Viral TikTok Shows Crowding at Universal Studios

After closing due to COVID-19, Universal Studios reopened on June 5th with new social distancing rules and health and safety measures. It’s been open for three months now, along with other theme parks in Florida – which has the third-highest number of confirmed cases in the country. While the park insists it is following CDC guidance, a video on TikTok appears to show mass crowds with no social distancing in place.

The video shows an ‘expectations vs. reality’ style footage of what TikTok user @damarri_eddie thought Universal would be like during the pandemic. Limited capacity, and space for 6ft social distancing.

The footage however, shows a different reality.

A Video Appears to Show Crowding at Universal Studios

While visitors are wearing masks, there appears to be no room for any sort of social distancing. The video currently has over 900,000 views.

@damarri_eddieIt’s the Social Distancing for me…##Spooktember♬ september on crack ft. a recorder (Earth, Wind & Fire – September) – artzandstoofs

Universal Studios say they are following what they’re calling the three Ss. “That’s screening, meaning we’re taking everybody’s temperature before they enter; sanitization, because we are constantly sanitizing areas and high-touch surfaces in the parks; and spacing, providing markings and reminders throughout our resort so guests can socially distance themselves from other parties.”

TikTok Users are Commenting that There’s no Social Distancing in Place

“This is why the pandemic is never gonna go away,” one user commented. Others reiterate concerns about theme parks and similar attractions being open. INSIDER reached out to Universal for a comment, but have not yet received one.

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