Wyndham Offering Thanksgiving Package Complete With Quarantine

It’s without question that this year’s pandemic has led to quite a few changes to travel. In June it was estimated that nearly half of Americans had gone ahead and cancelled their summer vacations. With the coronavirus still rearing its head, many Americans are now second-guessing how they’ll travel this holiday season. The nation seems to be split on whether or not they’ll visit family, stay home or make up for cancelled summer plans with a holiday getaway. However, for those wanting a family gathering that’s as safe as it is fun, this hotel has you covered. This year due to the strange holiday circumstances, Club Wyndham is offering a special Thanksgiving quarantine package for this year’s celebrations. 

Wyndham Offering Special Thanksgiving Package Complete With Quarantine

Club Wyndham is offering what they call a “Quar-nucopia Package.” Get it? “Quar(antine)-nucopia instead of Cornocopia. Clever. This Thanksgiving package offers families the chance to celebrate for two weeks in their own private “resort bubbles.” Wyndham, who is also the nations largest vacation ownership club, aims to offer families a safe and memorable Thanksgiving in what is otherwise a very strange time. 

So, here’s how it works

Families arriving at the resort will indeed celebrate – but only after a two-week quarantine. Each guest will receive their own suite complete with loaded kitchens and cosy living spaces. The package also provides guests with a $250 gift card to be used for goodies such as beer and wine delivery or mediation apps. Rates start at $2,150 per suite and climb from there. On the 15th day, the celebrating families will partake in a massive Thanksgiving feast. 

Currently, the only locations offering this package are the following: 

What Does a 2020 Thanksgiving Look Like For Americans?

“Quar-nucopias” and “resort bubbles” and resort bubbles aside, Thanksgiving is Americas most travelled holiday. In 2019 more than 55 million Americans travelled in some form to kick off the epic feast day of gratitude. It’s a time when airports, roads and rail stations are usually filled to the brim with folks crisscrossing the nation to celebrate with family over some turkey. The nation’s roads become so clustered that by the Saturday and Sunday after, traffic improves by a whopping 60%. All in all, Americans really do love Thanksgiving. After all, it’s a day of delicious food, quality time with family and traditions like football games and Harry Potter marathons. 

thanksgiving quarantine

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this year’s Thanksgiving, to say the least. This study done by Morning Consult showed that out of 2,212 adults, 53% planned to have holiday gatherings as usual. Alternatively, 47% stated they plan to cancel family holidays due to Covid 19. Experts have advised against large holiday gatherings, and the CDC has stated that large gatherings still pose varying levels of risk. Regardless of how Americans choose to celebrate this year – the rise of Wyndham’s quarantine package and others like it, shows just how much this holiday season has changed from last. 

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